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  1. I wish you luck with the Illinois SoS office...

    I've been trying to get them to fix the title on my 84 RQB4006 for 2 months now.

    They put Studebaker as the Make, and I'm trying to get it corected to Avanti Motors.

    They had me send them the title, which I did over 6 weeks ago.

    I called today to check on it, and was told that they remember working on it, but they lost it.

  2. According to John Hull's book Avanti The Complete Story, RQB 3716 is a Blake Avanti from 1983. One of 212 made that year.

    The totals are 2252 Altman cars from 65-82, 576 Blake cars from 83-85, 346 Kelly cars from 87-88, 272 Cafaro cars from 89-91, and about 90 more from Kelly in 01-07.

  3. Skip...

    I can understand the Feds requirements, though. Not all use either fog or driving lights properly. I've seen way too many cars using fog lights when there's no fog for them to cut through.

    I strongly agree with this. Many cars have fog lights which are brighter than the headlights to oncoming vehicles. It should be illegal to use fog lights when there is no fog.

  4. A friend just told me about this, otherwise I would have missed it completely...

    It's only 1/2 hour from home for me, so I hope to make it there if the weather cooperates.

    I doubt if I'll enter my gold '84 in the show, but you may see it in the parking lot.

    Union car show

    It says that the "Avanti Owners" club (and SDC) will be represented, and shows a few thumbnails of Avantis.

    AOAI certainly hasn't advertised this. Why not???

    I've been trying to make it to a Chicago AOAI chapter meeting since joining AOAI a few years ago, but either I forget, the weather sucks, or I have something else going on.

    It's funny that the local chapter has not tried to contact me even once in the 2 years I've been an AOAI member.

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