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  1. That's all great info, guys, thanks. But there were a few things i forgot to mention. First, my family on the other side owns a 10 bay garage here in town, so the technical expertise of cars in general is available. Second, we're pretty close with the local body shop. Third, my dad has done a bunch of business for these guys, so I can get a pretty good deal on interior. I guess I was just focused on avanti-centric help. With that info, is there any more you guys can tell me?

  2. my grandpa gave me his Avanti that I've been in love with since before i could walk. The only problem is that the engine's been out for about that amount of time. The interior is shot to you know what and the entire car is just a huge project. So i was wondering folks, where do I start? Luckily there's this older guy who owns a muffler shop down the road who's big into Studes, so there's a resource there.

  3. I'd like to get some stuff to bring the motor up to date (cam, tbi, hei, etc) but I'm not quite sure how to go about getting parts for a car that's not on any of the big name performance websites. I have a 64 r1 that's been bored out to something over 300 i think, but when i rebuild the car, I'd like to modernize just a tad.

  4. Ok, so my grandpa gave me his avanti after many years of me begging him to get it working. The body's in the back yard behind his sheds and the engine is in his garage. We're going to have to move it pretty quick, but the passenger door striker is gone so we'd have to strap it shut. Or i could just get a new one. Anybody have any idea where to get one? I've looked everywhere but...Is the striker the same in all of the studebakers from that time period or is the avanti's exclusive? Anyone have a spare they can sell me?

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