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  1. The famous 'Presidential Lark', a stretched '64 Daytona convertible used for a time in 1964 by the President of Israel, was powered by an Avanti R1 engine......True?

    False. It was a six cylinder 1964 Cruiser that was stretched 25 inches to make a four door convertible.

  2. The information in my post is from two books.

    Avanti by Thomas E Bonsall

    Studebaker: The Post War Years by Richard Langworth.

    If you read the Lamberti papers you will see that production would have exceded 7000 cars for the 1963 model year.

  3. Studebaker hoped to produce how many Avantis for the 1963 model year?...........A) 3000........2) 5000....or......C) 7000

    None of the above.

    Egbert projected that 20,000 Avantis would be built in 1963 and more for 1964. Initial production was set at 1000 cars per month.

    They needed 50 bodies a day and MFG could only furnish 25 a day so the second line was added at South Bend to make the other 25.

    A five day week would give them 250 cars and 1000 for the month.

  4. Apparently, Studebaker offered two 'Avanti Golds'....The PPG 'AVANTI GOLD' paint page from '63-'64 indicates this,....But I'm not sure of what the actual difference in the final color was!

    1) 'AVANTI GOLD'...PPG mix code # 21530------------------- 2) 'AVANTI GOLD POLY'...PPG mix code # 22480 Different code numbers indicate slightly different colors...Answer to question...FALSE!

    The formula called for from Studebaker is what the paint companies use.The paint was mixed according to this formula. Different code numbers are used for the type of paint -- lacquer, acrylic lacquer or enamel.

    Only one Avanti Gold was available. The dealer did not have two color chips of Avanti Gold to show a customer.

    If the dealer or body shop had to repaint or touch up how would they know which one to use if there were two formulas?

    Unless you have a build sheet, window sticker, factory formula or a sticker from under the glove box to show something different than

    P-6333 or P-6433 there is only one Avanti Gold.



  5. On the dealer price list dated 9/1/63, the AM/FM with rear fender antenna (AC-3503) was only $149.50 . The AM radio with antenna (AC-3507) was listed at $80.40. That's a bit of a jump in two months.

    The prices I quoted are factory installed.

    The prices you quote are dealer suggested uninstalled list price.

  6. Not according to the factory document I'm referencing, but I'm sure the price changed over the production run. What's the source of your $154.50 cost?

    Studebaker Sales Letter, Prices and Charges - Avanti. Number 190, dated October 28, 1963.

    Item #.

    66A Radio - Push Button with Rear Manual Antenna $85.00

    67A Radio - AM/FM with Rear Manual Antenna $154.50

    Difference in price ( or upgrade ) $69.50

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