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  1. Thanks, Bob. that picture is just what I was looking for. Looks like you have the 4speed transmission as the hole is there for the clutch rod. If I could ask one more favor, any idea how big the hole is?

    Mine is an automatic. There are two plates, one for standard trans and one for the automatic.

    Measuring across from the small hole on the left it is 3 1/4 inches wide. It is 3 5/8 inches high.


  2. Hi all,

    My 64 Avanti appears to be missing the plate that bolts onto the engine side of the firewall for the steering column. Additionally, it looks like the hole in the firewall was 'adjusted' sometime in its previous life. Does any one know where I can get the missing plate? Can any of you with an empty engine bay get me a photo of the firewall where the steering column passes through - preferably without the plate so I have some idea of how to repair this area?


    The seals and plate go on the inside. Try Myer's Studebaker, 740 674-4897



    Bob Langer

  3. Can anyone tell me how all nine R3s can be 1964 models (beginning with serial number R5089, Aug 1963) since Granatelli is often attributed with racing the first R3 in April 1962? Has an early prototype been incorrectly labeled as an R3? Or were there R3s in 1962? There seems to be an error somewhere. My R3 page is Here:


    The R-3 in the Avanti was going to be offered early in production but never made it until the 1964 model year. While others, including Granatelli put an R-3 in the Avanti only nine were built by the factory.


  4. I am getting ready for my winter projects and the replacement of the hog troughs is on the list. The 2 options Are the straight replacements or the 2 piece replacements which are about $400 more. Since both require unbolting the body to some degree I am wondering how much more trouble the original style is to do. I have all the tools including a 2 post lift and experience. Is the $400..00 difference worth the extra work sincer I have all the equipment? Do the originals get bonded into the rocker panel like the 2 piece or is this one of the big advantages of the 2 piece reeplacements?


    This may be of help to you.


    I am doing a body off restoration on a 1963 and find that the one piece torque boxes are easier for me because I dont have to do any welding. They have bonding strips attached to them and get bonded to the rocker panels just like they came from the factory. These are made from the original dies and fit perfectly. I found that most of the rivet holes in the body from the old boxes match the holes in the new boxes.

    Bob Langer

  5. There were 1039 R1 automatics produced as 1963 models. Total R1's was 1408.

    Of possible interest there were 1552 R2s and 2/3's were automatic.

    There were 2282 1963 R-1 Avantis produced.

    1811 Automatic

    404 4-Speed

    67 3-Speed

  6. I often have people ask what my '78 Avanti would have sold for when new. I don't have any documentation from the original sale. Would anyone have an idea of what the typical "base price" would have been in '78?

  7. The Studebaker Avanti Production Data from the Studebaker National Museum shows that 64 1964 R-1 Avantis with 4-speed were built.

    41 with out air and 23 with air. I don't know what the survival rate is, but this will give you a starting point.

  8. thanks bob!

    thats exactly what i was hoping to see, and thanks for the position info as well.

    know anyone selling one? is 1555874 a part number?

    if not i can fab one up just from the pix,

    looks like it was designed to be adjustable in both directions.

    seems like the location you specked is important to get the p/s pulley in the right plane, right?


    That is the part number for the bracket. Try Myer's Studebaker in Duncan Falls,OH. 740 674-4897. It not only keeps the pulley aligned but it would be necessary to remove the bracket if you wanted to remove the P/S pump.

  9. Hello out there, fellow Avanti's. There are four wires, can someone tell me which color wire goes to each terminal in the ignition switch?



    This is from the Avanti shop manual wiring diagram.

    White with black tracer to accessory terminal.

    Black to battery terminal.

    White with red tracer to starter terminal.

    Black with green tracer and yellow with blacker tracer to coil terminal.


  10. Can someone out there with a 63 Avanti measure the opening that the ash tray fits into under the flip up cover on the console in front of the console storage. This is the ash tray next to the cigar lighter.

    I need length x width x depth of ash tray bucket that pulls out and also the approx. depth from bottom of cover when closed to top of ash tray. I am not a smoker and I am considering removing the ash tray (leaving the cigar lighter) and using that spot to install the small two button control for an electronic speed control. Here's a pic of the type of speed control button unit I am thinking about.


    Another possibility might be replacing the turn signal lever, but I have no idea what the original turn signal mounts to inside the column, threaded, pinned, etc. and what its dimensions are. My avanti is 1000 miles away under restoration right now so any input from you guys would be helpful.


    These measurements are for the opening and not the ash receiver. 2 1/2 by 1 7/8 and 4 inches deep. 3/8" from bottom of cover to opening when closed.

  11. Would anyone know if a standard Studebaker V8 oil pump is usable as a replacement for an R 1 ? They look the same. Mine has a cracked housing and I can't use a rebuild kit.

    Thanks for any info.


    I know it is the same back to 1959. Part # 1539412.


  12. 2. Lacquer paint.

    6. A straight exhaust was used on the early cars and after R-1753 the "H" pipe was used with the fibre glass and quiet tone mufflers.

    7. Battery cables are black.

    8. The oil pan can be removed with the engine in the car. The starter,crankcase vent tube,dipstick tube and steering bellcrank assembly have to be removed.

  13. Avanti Red was at the time considered an iridescent red. I used to call it "burnt red" as it was deeper than a tomato red with what would be later called a "metallic" look to it. BTW, the maroon appeared only on verty late production '64's, probably no earlier than November 1963 production Avantis.

    R-5361 was the first Avanti painted Avanti Maroon. It was built September 30, 1963. My late brothers Avanti was also Avanti Maroon, R-5461, built in October, 1963.


  14. Has anyone swapped a Tremec (or other) 5- or 6-speed transmission into a '63 Avanti? Does anyone sell a conversion kit? I know Myer's has a conversion kit for a Chevy automatic tranny; I was wondering about a manual conversion. Right now there's a 3-speed automatic in there.

    Thanks for your input. I have a '63 that needs complete renovation. In a way this is good because it's a blank slate and i can make it what I want. Although I haven't decided anything, the thought is to keep it looking like a '63 while using technology to improve handling and performance.

    This is from the Studebaker Drivers Club forum. There is a little more involved changing from auto to standard, because you need to add the clutch pedal and necessary linkage, change the crankshaft bolts and a different bell housing. Join the SDC forum and you will get lots of good advice.



  15. Have a '64 R2 ...no AC.... How do I remove the Radio from the dash. There is NO info in the shop book

    DISCONNECT the battery. You will need to remove the passenger side panel (carpeted) of the console to help with the removal. Remove the bolt holding the radio to the "Z" bar and the antenna lead and the connector for the speaker and power. Pull the knobs off and remove the hex nuts from the control bushings. You should now be able to remove the radio by working it out through the open side of the console.


  16. I have a 63 Avanti R2. The VIN reads "63R2585" it was made Jan 11 1963...does that mean that was the 585th car made or was it the 2,585th car made since they started production in 1962???


    Serial numbers started at 63R-1001, so your car would be the 1,585th car made.

  17. As part of my paint job, I'm going to replace the plastic insert on my 63 (Jan 63 build date)...

    Is the "S" supposed to be silver or gold?

    And what about the ones on the "C" pillar?


    The insert should be gold on the hood and silver on the pillar. Silver insert started with 4879.

  18. I just purchased a build sheet from South Bend Museum. I have a question on what this means? "X84 AC3289 L&R




    This information is from the Studebaker price list dated Oct. 1, 1962. X means it was not factory installed. 84 is for front seat belts,left & right. 85 is for rear seat belts,left & right. Quote from price list. " Front belts will be furnished at extra charge on Avanti unless order specifies to omit"

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