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  1. Great effort Gunslinger. I'm on the west coast and can't make the trip but am looking forward to follow up on the event. Any exposure to Studebaker, the Avanti and the record braking introduction of the "Most Advanced Automobile" of the early '60's is worth knowing about. Watching TV car shows they often talk of Muscle Cars but they never talk of the first one in my opinion, the Avanti with 29 speed records in 1962 and many of those records held for years. Thanks for all you do for our car of choice.

  2. I have a set of 15"x7" w/4" backspace wheels I have just removed from my "63 Avanti. There was no cleaence problems at all with using these wheels with Michelin 215/75 R15 All Season Radials. I changed to Cargar Keystone Klassic wheels for a new look I realy like. If any one is interested in the 15"x7" wheels let me know. Gary

  3. dapy, yes 50 years is a long time for a car to keep working. My '63r3453 R1 w/AC, TT, AT, EW AM/FM radio was manufactured in Feb. '63. thus being a true '63 model. It has 75k original miles and new upgrades like wheels, tires, paint and high back seats. I also added veneer to the dash and console, cruise control and electric truck release. I graduated from high school the same month Studebaker started selling the Avanti in June of '62 so 50 years was a big deal for me too. Happy New Year to all.

  4. The #1 tower location for the distributor cap is illustrated in the picture on page 9 of the Workshop Manual electrical section. By following the Distributor installation directions on that page the distributor should line up properly. Thus the rotator will point to #1 as illustrated. The remaining plug wires can then be inserted as illustrated in figure 3 on page 8. I hope this helps. Enjoy the ride.

  5. The Avanti was originally designed so the power windows would only operate with the ignition switch in the ON position. Studebaker issued a Service Letter (J-1963-10) to use a jumper wire on the relay to bypass the switch so points would not be burnt if left on to long. They also said to remove it when serving was complete. Has anyone converted their window operation to Accessory and/or Ignition ON? The schematics I have viewed don't address the wireing to the ignition switch. If the relay wire is connected directly (route through fuse panel?) to the ON side of the ignition switch (I don't know if it is) is it as simple as moving it the Accessory terminal. Comments welcome.

  6. I am considering installing cold air intake on my '63 R1. It has an Edelbrock carb with the 5 1/8 dia intake. An R2 intake is to small to us on the Edelbrock to attach ducting. Has anyone made this type of convertion? Comments are welcome :rolleyes:

  7. I have owned 3 Studebaker Avanti's. My first was in '65 a transition R2 car built in Augustof '63. My second was also an R2 in '75 a June of '63 Car. I bought my last two years ago a Feb. '63 R1. I have never shown these cars only because the car was my interest. I have gone to many shows to admire other peoples dreams. It's my understanding judging of cars is not an exact science and judges use as much of their own opinion when judging as trying to follow the known rules. I have tried to keep my cars as original as possible but do embellish them with my own personality. An example would be adding some '64 details to a '63 car or updating the AC unit and or the brakes. Bottom line is, to many The Avanti is the most beautiful car ever manufactured. Add the end of Studebaker to that and you have a wonderful ($$$$) hobby and have made many friends. The car lived on for years with the II. I for one am reliving my youth. I graduated from high school the same time the first Avanti rolled off the assembly line. :rolleyes:

  8. My "63 R1 has a TT axle with a metal tag on it with the numbers 450 on it. At 60 mph I'm taching about 2700 rpm's. Any info on this rear end grear ratio would be appreciated. Any suggestions to lowering ratio and costs of doinfg so?

  9. I'm taking a poll on having the battery in the trunk or in the engine compartment.

    Right now it's in the trunk and I'm doing a off the body restoration.

    Should I leave it where it is or put it back in the engine compartment?


    Steve from MN

    If you want it close to original put it in the engine compartment on drivers side. If you need engine compartment room for adding other none stock equipment leave it in the trunk. Restoration implies like new. Have fun with your project.

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