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  1. Firestone 500 tires were #56 black walls and 56B were 500 white walls. #55was just white sidewall tires (no preference made to manufacture). There is no reference to option #54 in SM archives that I can find. For the '64 Avanti, Dunlop tires are mentioned as available alone with Firestone, Allstate and US Royal as option 51A.

  2. Studebaker production data counts 537 deluxe interiors, 3295 Regal interiors and 2 Special interiors for the '63Avanti. Additionally two '64 Avanti's were built with Deluxe interiors. These cars were built prior to the discontinuation of the deluxe option in September of '63. That leaves approximately 809 '64 Avanti's with Regal interiors. There has always been a discrepancy as to the total Studebaker Avanti's produced, 4,641, 4,647, etc.

  3. Studegary, sorry I made a typing error. I know the engines are 304.5cid. The R3 was supercharged with 9.5:1 compression and the R4 with dual 4 barrels was 12:1. If you could answer how many R engines were made by the Granatelli's and what numbers were in the original 9, that would be a great direct trivia answer. Some additional trivia is: Granatelli added to the April '62 speed record (29) of the Avanti increasing the total to 34 in October of '63. The last attempt to develop an R engine was the R5 with dual superchargers developing 638 hp. It did run at Bonneville reaching a speed of 196.62mph. This engine never reached production as Studebaker stopped US production in December of '63. Some production of midsize cars continued in Canada but that too ended in March of '66. If memory serves me correctly diversified Studebaker no longer existed as a company by the mid to late '70's. Lets keep the trivia going.

  4. Thanks for the info. It would be good trivia to know the B#'s of the 9 Avanti's and the 1 Daytona. Also intriguing is, how many 305.5 engines the Garanatelli's built? I think any answer to that would be an estimate though.

  5. Can you explain the R numbering used for the R3 and R4 Studebaker Avanti production engines? What #'s were in the only 9 Stude R3's. Also what car of Stude production had an R4 as you identify as the real deal. Do you know how many R engines the Granatelli's built over time?

  6. If you like to tinker it may be easy to fix the clock. I have repaired two with little problem. In both cases the wheel had come off of it's pivot base and the points were bad. I was able to reset the wheel on its base and replaced the point contacts with the head of a pin soldered in place. Taking the bezel off the face was not difficult just be careful with the use of a screw drive to spread the role over.

  7. I recently converted 63R3453 from the original 3 speed auto to a 200R4 overdrive. Prior to the conversion 60mph required 2700rpm's. With the 200R4 70mph is at 1700rpm's with TT 3.31 gears. There was no interference problems other than connecting the speedo cable. It required a 90 degree adapter. The only other concerns might be making sure the drive shaft angles are correct at the trans and differential. The work shop manual references the angles. If they are not correct a vibration may occur. Depending on the new angle requirements an adjustment may be necessary at the torque arms. My differential tilted requiring lengthening the torque arms so their rubber bushings could fit properly. It is a great improvement in my opinion.

  8. The Avanti web-site states 4647 Studebaker Avanti's (1001-5647) from June '62 'till Dec '63. Altman Avanti II from 1965 to 1983 totaled 2526 cars and the last vin # was RQB3771. Total for both is 7173 cars. Blake, Kelly and Cafaro cars totaled 589, 350 and 297 respectively.

  9. Power windows did not operate when the key was in accessory. I don't think Studebaker ever corrected that. If electronic ignition was installed at a later date and the switch was turned to the On mode to operate the windows with out the engine running and left on for an extended period of time it would damage the ignition. There are posts to fix that issue.

  10. The Avanti floor pan was all fiberglass and one piece. What was the composition of the early and for that matter present Corvette floor pans? They were not all fiberglass as I recall.

    Does/did the Corvette incorporate a metal roll bar?

  11. Regarding the combustion of the engine you might consider a cold air intake system. I bought a Spectre low profile polished aluminum plenum to fit the carburetor neck, bought some aluminum duct from the hardware store and added an air filter under the right fender. R3's added cold air duct at this location. Because my car has AC I didn't put the filter in front of the radiator. Also if you are not confident the engine block is clean of debris that too may be adding to your heating issues.

  12. Hi Larry, I am running Crager Chrome Keystone Klassic Wheels # 325799 on my 63 Avanti with no interference problems. These wheels are 15 X 7 with 5 x 4-1/2, 4-3/4 & 5" universal lug spacing & 3-3/4 rear spacing. I bought them through Jegs over a year ago. With lug nuts they were around $200 a wheel. Sorry I was unable to post a picture.

  13. Avanti design starts 3/19/'61. NY Auto Show intro 4/26/'62. 29 land speed records set 4/25/'62. First Avanti 63R1001 shipped 6/5/'62. Cross Country Promo with records set 9/19/'63. The end announced 12/10/'63. So much potential, so much industry lost and the company started before the Civil War. By the '70s the Company was totally gone. I tell this story every time someone asked about my 63R3453.

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