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  1. I had a 1967 (RQA0189) and I had to repair the left-front inner wheel-well twice due to cracks from the weight of the battery. Maybe it is better to have the battery in the trunk.

    Thanks Ernie...thats what one of the members of my stude club was saying with his 63 R-1. that the weight was a issue with his car. He said to leave it in the trunk.


  2. I'm taking a poll on having the battery in the trunk or in the engine compartment.

    Right now it's in the trunk and I'm doing a off the body restoration.

    Should I leave it where it is or put it back in the engine compartment?


    Steve from MN

  3. Thanks for the heads up on this very potential fraud. If you go to the "Kansas City" Craigslist and type in Avanti, 3 pictures of this car will come up. The guy that called me back said it was for sale and he would contact me when he got back in town. He said "cash only purchase".

    This is obviously some type of fraud.

    Thanks again-

    Four Avanti "Jet-Thrust" engines were ultimately brought to market: R1, R2, R3, and R4. The R2 and R3 engines were supercharged. All except the R4 had one four-barrel carburetor and dual exhausts; R4's had two four-barrels.


  4. Mirrors were generally dealer installed. The rule of thumb seems to be '63 cars had the mirrors on the tops of the front fenders and '64's had them on the door by the wing vent. I'm sure different dealers did them differently...the '63 I owned had the mirror on the door, but since I wasn't the original owner, I have no idea how it was originally mounted.

    The door mounted mirrors have a nut inside the door that the screws tighten into. You have to take the interior door panel off to access them. Replacements are quite available. If it's the mirror head that's loose, I don't know if there is a repair though someone here might have come up with a way. Regardless, reproductions are available.

    Rain channels seem to have been added sometime in mid-production but were also added to earlier cars after the fact.

    Thanks, Gunslinger. It's the mirror head thats loose. The mirror itself is solid (no wobble) I think these mirrors were put on at the dealer. I prefer them by the wing window instead of way out on the fender. You would have to have a telescope for a arm just to adjust it from the drivers seat!!!

  5. The earliest Studebaker Avanti's have the rearview mirrors mounted on the fenders and DO NOT have rain gutters over the doors and side windows.

    Do you have either?

    Ernie N

    My rearview mirrors are right by the vent window and there is rain gutters.

    How do you tighten those mirrors? They seem to be loose when trying to adjust.

    When did Avanti make the switch?


  6. In March of 1963 Studebaker dropped the year designator from VIN's. As far as the "S" in the VIN, I've read that was supposed to be the way the VIN's were done, but few seem to have followed that. Most, if not all R2 cars I've seen simply have R-XXXX in the VIN.

    To find out exactly how the car you're considering was spec'd out for assembly at the factory, you can get a copy of the car's build sheet from either the Studebaker National Museum or Nostalgic Motors. There's something like a $20 fee for the service and it serves to prove or disprove the car's originality.

    I paid $25.00 for the build sheet and $3.00 for shipping about 2 weeks ago at the stude museum.

    63 Avanti 63R2585 build in jan 63





    I read on the a avanti web site: "The engine was the best Studebaker had, the faithful 289, which developed 240 bhp in standard ("R1") tune thanks to a 3/4 race high lift cam, dual breaker distributor, four-barrel carb, and dual exhausts."

  8. As part of my paint job, I'm going to replace the plastic insert on my 63 (Jan 63 build date)...

    Is the "S" supposed to be silver or gold?

    And what about the ones on the "C" pillar?


    I have a 63 R2 built in Jan 63 and the "S" on both the "C" pillar and hood are Silver.


    63 Avanti R2

  9. Mystery solved. Thanks for finding that information.

    Thanks to all of you guys for the info. I talked to a guy at the Stude Museum in Southbend and he thought seat belts were standard equipment. Looks like he needs to do his homework.

    I do have black seat belts in the front and none in the back.

    Thanks again guys


  10. If I'm not mistaken, I believe the washer switch is a foot switch located under the dash by the left kick panel. I think it looks something like a small parking brake foot pedal.

    Thanks for your help, Gunslinger. I will call Southbend and ask about the code.


  11. That may not be so unusual. I still have the build sheet for the '63 R1 I owned from 1976-1990 and it also shows "X84" and "AC3289 L&R". It's printed on the line right after "72A RADIO&ANT".

    AC3289 sounds like an accessory of some sort...what I don't know. L&R suggests left and right. X84 is something I don't recognize either. "SOLD RUSH" suggests it was a car ordered for a specific customer and to rush it through production. A car ordered by a dealer for inventory likely wouldn't have that notation.

    I don't remember anything unusual about the '63 I owned...no unusual accessories or anything like that, but it was thirteen years old when I bought it so anything might have been changed by that point.

    Hopefully someone more knowledgeable about about this will answer the question.

    X84 AC3289 L&R is printed right under 63 ELEC WASH 77 REAR SPEAK

    Also, where is the switch on the dash for my electric washers? Is it part of the wiper switch?

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