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  1. Should I be using the 15w-40 Rotella instead of the 10w-30? Would that help quiet the lifters? I'm in Minnesota.

    Ernie and Gunslinger, your comments, please.

    Switching gears. I saw a 1963 gran turismo silver hawk on the rack having a break job. The car had disc brakes in the front. I thought only Avanti had those.

    Thanks Guys


  2. Thanks ernie for the input. That's good to know. I'm putting 10W-30 Rotella oil in it. It has close to 102,000 miles on it, valve job at 80,000. Is this a oil I should be using?

    I would like some input as to what oil other owners of the Avanti 289V8 use.

    Thank you


  3. Thanks Ernie and Gunslinger for your input. The reason I replaced the coil was because of a very weak spark. I tested against a ground and there was very little snap. The car was hard starting, so I replaced it with the NAPA coil and it made a world of difference.

    Then I find out I have a fuel delivery problem at highway speeds. I have a electric fuel pump. Took the fuel line off the carb and cranked it over...just trickled. Replaced it with a Mr Gasket #12S and I'm on my way. Had her going 70 down the highway, like on a cloud

  4. My 64R1 has a pertronix ignition kit. It's four years old. The coil is a pertronix 40,000 volt, 1.5ohms coil. It went bad and I replaced it with a NAPA "ECHLIN #IC14"

    I have no idea what the ohms or volts are on this coil.

    Should I have replaced it with the pertronix coil? I'm not really convinced this (NAPA coil) is doing the job. It gets very hot to the touch. After I have driven the car awhile it wants to loose power under exceleration. Help, please and thanks

  5. My wife and I had decided to get back into the car hobby, but we did not know what kind of car we wanted. While at Bob Ohara's annual open house in Frostproof she spotted a gold Avanti parked on the street and it had a for sale sign in the window. She immediately said, "That is what I want...an Avanti!" The next time I was at Ohara's the car had been consigned and was in the showroom. Later, I heard second hand that it had been bought by a person in Punta Gorda.

    I knew ZIP about Avantis and started research trying to learn more about the car and the market for them. I liked the car based upon its appearance. At that time I was still trying to become educated and I just knew it was very attractive to us. I never looked under the hood or examined the car's mechanicals, as I was still learning and not ready to buy.

    A car in WV came to our attention and we bought it. I was not aware of anything that I considered negative about the car you purchased. I would venture that the gold car was probably in better shape mechanically at that time than the car we bought. Our car needed some attention, but I knew it when we acquired it.

    You will find you have a great crowd pleaser and people will keep you busy with questions and comments. Many car enthusiasts mention the "wow" factor. I think you will enjoy the car very much. The car is around 47 years old and may need something. Most parts that you might need are easily available. Please keep us posted on your impressions as you get acquainted with it. We have had a fantastic time during our ownership of R2524. Enjoy and safe driving.

    Thanks Bob for your comments. They will be picking it up and shipping to me Tuesday 8/10

    I'm excited.

    Steve from MN

  6. It is probably the same Avanti that was consigned to Ohara Restorations in 2004. The buyer was from Punta Gorda. The car had a nice appearance. I don't know anything about the mechanicals. I suggest that you have it inspected.

    Thanks Bob for your imput. Did you see the car up close? If so, your thoughts. Photos look great.


  7. I like the car...not 100% original ( neither is mine ) but the interior changes are tasteful and look good with the exterior color. A paint job and full interior restoration could cost you close to the opening $14,500 bid. Buying a good solid car for a fair price is a better bargain than saving a couple of bucks for a car that "needs a few things".

    I'd ask for more pictures of the frame and underbody supports and maybe a video of the engine running. Ideally someone to give the car a once over in person. If the car is basically turn key and can be enjoyed the way it is the price is more than fair. IMHO.


    Thanks Ernier for your input. I did buy the car for 14,500 and got the wheels with it. Quote "I like the car...not 100% original" Are you talking about the interior and wheels?


  8. What is the price and the description? I don't get Turning Wheels.

    The ad reads: 1983 Avanti. Nice original metallic mauve exterior, burgundy interior with Recaro seats. 305 engine, PS, PB, PW, PMR, RQB3637-305, 30,650 miles. $20,900

  9. No I haven't bought any carpet yet...

    The 8th posting on this SDC forum topic shows a piece of red & black carpet from a dealer book.


    The trouble is, it doesn't really match an example of the red & Blcak carpet shown on the "theavant.com" website. http://www.theavanti.com/combinations/ColorScheme6.html

    The photo supplied by R2Andy on the SDC forum is darker than the one on the "theavanti" site.

    For the red & black, I have three samples...one from Phantom, one from Stock Interiors and one from Auto Custom Carpets that all look virtualy identical.

    I have another piece, (I think it's was from Phantom when I contacted them the first time...I lost my notes during a home remodel) that is a bit more dark red or cranberry than BRIGHT red like the other three.

    IMHO, I rather like the darker red for an Avanti red car.

    But I want it to be as correct as possible.

    What do you think is correct..a bright red & black or a darker red?

    Is it closer to the R2Andy sample in the aforementioned thread or the one seen on the avanti.com website?

    I can scan and email a photo of both of my sample types to get an expert opinion.


    Definitely the darker red.

    I ordered a darker red with a black tinge to it. It's called "Sunset"

    It's darker then the seats and door panels.

    After reading about your trouble and the the guy that is doing my interior trying to find a good match, I went with that. I got talked out of the all black carpet by my wife and the interior guy, among others.

    Thanks for your help, J. Boyle, and good luck!!

    Steve R

  10. Hi...

    Anyone out there with a color photo of a 63-63 Avanti with the "salt & pepper" red and black carpet in place?

    Phantom just sent me a sample of theirs and it look awfully close to the sample shown on TheAvanti.com (photos taken from a sales order book).

    So I'm considering getting the Phantom carpet after a couple of years of thinking I'd have to settle for an all black repro kit.

    BUT, before I take the leap, could someone post an interior shot so I can see what it will look like?

    I'm not 100% sure I like the red&black carpet...even if it is original.

    Did you ever purchase that salt and pepper carpet for your 63 Avanti? I'm in the process of choosing what carpet to go with...mine original carpet was salt & pepper.

    I had the No 7 color scheme.


    63 Avanti R2

  11. The 963 means you have the ELK Vinyl seats in a Regal trim (pleated doors & pleated seat inserts)

    with black carpeting, fawn dash etc.

    I'm not sure what the 14 means.


  12. Thanks, J. Boyle and Gunslinger, You have been a great help with this.

    I think J.Boyle summed it up by saying it's not a good mix (too much one color) out there.

    So I guess I will stick with black.

    On my build sheet it reads: 14 953 RDV

    Any other comments welcome


  13. At a certain VIN, Studebaker installed all black carpets in all Avanti production, regardless of what the interior color combination was. I don't have that VIN when the change was made, but it's at least possible yours was originally black.

    My VIN is 63R2585

  14. I'm restoring my 63R2 and wondering what color carpet to put in. Right now its Black. I know they came with a black and red mix.

    My dash is fawn. The seats are Red vinyl. The door panels are fawn, red, black.

    I looked on the AOAI website and saw the (red & black) pattern. Is that carpet available?

    Also, my headliner has a waffle pattern in it, I think that's correct.

    Thanks for your help


  15. I'm in the process of restoring my 63R2. I saw where the heater core was by-passed. The car was in Florida for many years. I'm still guesing they did it for a reason. If so, is there a way to test them or just buy a new one, if that is possible? This engine is all stock with NO A/C.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks


  16. I am in the process of renewing the appearance of the engine bay on my '63 R2 and have a few questions.

    1. What is the correct engine color?

    2. Was the original body paint lacquer or enamel? If it was lacquer, I will have to take extra precautions to keep the modern paint from bubbling the old.

    3. Is the original power steering pump top bare metal or painted black? Mine is bare.

    4. Where is a good hiding place for the chrysler ignition module? Any reason not to put it in the area where the A/C blower would be on a R1?

    5. I would like a recommendation on how to best freshen up the finish on the non-painted items like the harness clips, plug wire track framework and hood latches?

    6. Did the original exhaust system have a midship cross-over pipe under the transmission tail housing? Mine does...and it makes the exhaust pipes very dificult to lower for gasket replacement?

    7. What is the original pos. and neg. battery cable colors?

    8. Can I get the oil pan off with the engine in the car? It has a slight wet spot, a small dent and would be easier to paint when removed.

    So far I have removed the radiator, coolant tank, cylinder heads, freeze plugs and everything off of the front of the engine in order to de-crud the cooling system. I am very glad that I did.....there was sediment 3/4" deep in the low circulation areas. Anyway at this stage it is obviously "prime time" to make her look showroom under the hood!

    Any answers. tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks from Jim

    My power steering pump on my 63 R2 is all black, cover and all

    Turning Wheels (June 1992) has alot of info on the 63 Avanti.

    Page 14 there is a article about engine colors:

    Black block, heads, pan, pulleys, starter, power brake and steering units. Chrome valve covers, breather caps (with STP decals) and oil dip stick handle. The valley plate was chrome on early models and painted black on later ones (the switch was made in March 1963). The fan was orange and the automatic transmission dip stick handle was yellow. Bright metal was used for ignition shielding, the air cleaner housing and R2 carb air inlet.

    Most of not all superchargers were orange from the factory.

    Steve from MN

  17. Agree 100%! My '70 had stress cracks under the battery when I bought it, but then the car had been struck in the left front sometime during it's history and had poor repairs done to it. Since you have a '63, I'm assuming you have the long, narrow 3EE battery. If you decide to change it to a trunk location, get a standard size battery such as a Group 24 which fits the later Avanti's. Also, standard size batteries are less expensive, than a 3EE, more powerful (in far more choices of quality level) and have better warranties. You can check Summit Racing and Jeg's and they each sell trunk mounted battery kits with a box, hold downs, etc. A trunk mounted battery should be shielded from anything in the trunk hitting the positive post. You should also use a heavier gauge positive cable from the battery to the starter due to the extra length needed.

    Thanks everybody for your input.

    Gunslinger....the battery was in the trunk when I purchased it, and the party I bought it from purchased it that way.

    When I read some of these replys I lean toward putting in the front. But, reading about the 3EE battery (which does belong there) doesn't seem to be practical. So maybe I should leave it in the trunk for quality purposes. I have a ways to go before I decide.

    The car doesn't have any front damage.

    thanks again


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