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  1. I have a color coded wiring schematic for the whole car, including the gauges. Send me a PM with your email and I can scan it in and send it to you later this evening.

    Bruce, you cannot begin to know how useful that was. MANY,MANY,MANY THANKS.


  2. The tach sending unit is likely the cause of your tach not working correctly. It's a common problem due to age. Several of the vendors carry replacements.

    As far as your reverse goes...someone else should be able to help...transmissions are voodoo to me.

    Thanks Gunslinger... I looked in the parts cat. is it a rectangular black box? Mine appears to be round.

  3. Hi everyone. I'm wondering why my tach works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. The wires are not loose, could it be it's on its way out or does it either work or doesn't?

    Also my reverse is not working. Is there something I missed putting it back together. The linkgage is nice and tight and it works in drive?

    Thank you


  4. I have a 64 Avanti with wire wheels. They are on P205/70R15 Good Year tires. There's a 2" clearing in the frontend, at times if I crank to far left or right I will hear a rubbing, but it doesn't show any evidence of that on the tire or the fender.

  5. This is from the Avanti shop manual wiring diagram.

    White with black tracer to accessory terminal.

    Black to battery terminal.

    White with red tracer to starter terminal.

    Black with green tracer and yellow with blacker tracer to coil terminal.


    Thanks, Bob for your time and input


  6. We are restoring a 1963 Avanti R2, 4speed. It's about 90% finished. It had not been driven in over 20 years so there has been alot of wiring to replace. We need bulb sockets and pigtails for the parking lights and backup lights. Does anyone know where these can be purchased? I imagine these can be made if a person knows what they are doing. Any input or suggestions on this? I can't believe we are the only ones who need these, but I can't find them anywhere. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. My husband is in charge of getting the car put back together. My job is hunting parts and pieces.

    Try Bob Ziff at Avanti parts and restoration. Phone: (800)524-8142 and also Phil Harris at Fairborn Stude. Phone: (937) 878-1576.

  7. Will be replacing the current contemporary battery under hood with one that is more to the original size/spec for the Avanti. Have heard of guys using John Deere tractor batteries that are close in size - also saw AC/Delco has some close to the old original spec. Any advise on getting the more traditional look under hood with a current/contemporary battery? Thanks Steve

    I'm restoring one exactly, same color only it's a R2 as yours. I converted my battery from the trunk to the front. I got my battery from Car Quest, part#3EE30. It cost me $87.32 + tax with my employee discount. It fits perfect.

  8. Just another opinion. As the others say, there has been numerous articles written on this subject along with many opinions. To add mine, the factory called for straight weight oil. My experience is that 30W works the best. When I used 10W-30W, I had a noticeable drop in oil pressure. I would suggest that if you use multi-viscous oil that you use the heavier oil such as 15W-40W. 10W-30W is too light. I don't care what they claim, no oil can have 10W cold and 30W hot as this is a compromise. Also you can save some money by using STP or Lucas Oil additive. They both claim that they contain sufficient zinc. ZDDP certainly contains the zinc, but why spend more money if it is not necessary. Also, too much zinc can also be a problem. I have used STP for many years and have not had any problems. Ted Harbit uses Lucas without problems even during racing.

    More food for thought. Hope this helps.

    The previous owner was using Rotunda 10W-30. The oil pressure is very good. 80p when cold and 60p warm at 2500rpm.

    thanks for your input.

  9. Just someone whose loved the Avanti since they first came out when I was a little kid. Something about the car has touched a nerve every time I see one. My wife once asked me what it is about Avanti's that turns me on...I told her I couldn't explain it...it's an emotional response. I try and read every thing I can about them...history, etc., and learn from others and their knowledge and experiences. That...and rebuilding a '63 many years ago and having a '70 rebuilt right after I bought it several years ago. You learn a lot doing that...much of it the hard way. Though my '02 is really only an Avanti visually and a modified TransAm under the skin, it still hits me with the same emotional response.

    When I was Ten years old my grandpa and grandma bought a 1955 Stude Commander regal vista. I now own it. But when I was younger I would go with her to have the oil changed etc. They would have a Avanti in the showroom. Of course, I fell in love with it, just like you.

    Now I have a 64 R1 and a 63 R2, plus the 55. The R2 I'm doing a body off restoration. It's in the process of being put back together. The R1 I just drive, but right now it is taking a long winters nap.

    Like you, I can't take my eyes off of them.

  10. The reason for the filler strip was due to raising the front end and leveling out the car's appearance left a big open area above the tire. The filler strip gave the car a more balanced and normal appearance. Nate Altman was on record saying he didn't like the rake anyway as he wasn't enamored by all the "bits and pieces" under the rear end being visible. I believe he would have felt the same about a large tire well area visible above the front tires as well.

    Thanks Buddy. It makes sense, but I personally like the rake, and the whole car (63-64) appearance.


  11. OK, I'm going to pick your brain on this. On August 2, 1965 Avanti Motor corporation released info that they were going to eliminate the forward rake and fender cutouts were tightened around the wheels.

    Why did they add that filler strip on???

    I think it had something to do with the Corvette engine

  12. SR

    Sorry I don't have a photo but I did install one some years ago.

    The part fits in the front wheel openning side of the inner fender ie on the otherside of where the battery sits.

    Take the wheel off and push the part up against the inner fender and it should become apparent where it sits. You then need to glue and rivet it into place.

    I hope that helps.


    Thanks for your input, pb,

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