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  1. Thanks gunslinger I've been using Rotella 10W-30, but it uses oil, not much, but that oil is a little more expensive than others.

    Sorry to hear of your miss fortunes on your trip.

    I sold a 63R2 to a guy in Kingsville MD. That's not far from you, is it?

    Happy trails

    Steve from MN

  2. I have a 63 Avanti R2 I wish to ship from St. Paul, MN to Kingsville, MD. I would like some input on a good hauler at a reasonable price.

    I'm not sure if I will ship it open or closed.

    I would appreciate your input



  3. I have a 63 Avanti R2 that has a leak at the bottom of the master cylinder (brakes) running down the power unit. Should I just replace the master or get the kit? Can I purchase any of these at a local Car Quest or NAPA? Thanks

  4. I put on 2200 miles on my 1983 Avanti with a 305 cu motor. I averaged 25 MPG on the trip averaging 70 MPH. The car ran great. Left MN on Tuesday for the Springs. Arrived on Wednesday. Left on Sat morning and drove to the black hills, Mt Rushmore, Crazy horse etc. Arrived home Sunday night at 11:30. Had a nice time at the meet and great weather driving. Love that car.

  5. Avanti lovers out there. What do you make of the yellow avanti that Kelly once owned. I didn't think Avanti came in yellow. also there is something not right about the center console. It doesn't have air but it sure looks like it. I know the R2 did not have air. It has the 63 heater controls.

    Those are not stude wheels

  6. All Studebaker engines used solid, adjustable lifters. They never went to hydraulic.

    Bruce,My lifters are a little on the noisy side and I think they need to be adjusted. It sounds like a thrashing machine. I suppose go my the manual in adjusting them.

  7. Thanks PA, but I have four Bridgestone Insignia SL P205/75R15 97S tires mounted on Crager S/S wheels and I was wanting to trade the Crager S/S wheels for the Magnum 500 wheels.


    My e-mail address: steveremick@comcast.net

  8. Steve

    The way I do it may not be the best but here's what I do.

    The first thing is to have my settings set to upload at 640 X 480. To do that when you are in your photobucket account, click on Upload and when that screen appears, look at the bottom of the page and see "customize your upload settings" Click on that and you can select the upload size, select 640 X 480 and save.

    Now when you upload the pictures will be 640 X 480 but don't be confused as the thumbnails in your albums will be 160 X 120.

    So now to download to the forum:

    Click on the thumbnail you want to add to the forum, It will open to 640 X480.

    Right click on the picture to open the property screen and click on image properties. Click on address, which will highlight in blue and hit hold control hit c on the keyboard.

    That saves the image address.

    Put the curson on the spot on the site you want the picture and click on the picture icon at the top of the page. The insert image window will open with HTTP highlighted in blue. Hold control, hit v and the address will be copied into the box. Click on "save image" and the picture will appear in your post. Done.

    If you save at a higher resolution in Photobucket, you can resize to 680 X 480 and use the above procedure to add to the forum.

    Hope that helps.


    Thanks Bob, I printed this out and I will give it a try. Thanks again for your time and maybe we will see each other in South Bend next year.

  9. Roger

    That is really pretty.

    I use photobucket and load my pictures at 640 X 480. Works well for me. You need to do it in the edit mode.

    Yours appear to be about 1200 X 1400 by looking at the format but a word of caution, I'm no expert.



    Would you please write the procedure in sending photos(640 X 480) from photo bucket to the AOAI Forum.



  10. Need lots more info - mileage, history, VIN, equipment. Thanks for your reply - look forward to hearing more - and photos too? Will send PM with contact info.

    Mary Anne

    104,000 miles, a Florida car all its life until I bought it. VIN 72X15549R5355 AT/PS/PB/AC(works)PB AM/FM RADIO(works)/I have the stock rims and hub caps.

    If serious give me a call. Im firm on the price. I will send you a e-mail w/phone#


  11. Hi there. Don't go racing off to Enid just yet. Am thinking seriously about the super charger vs. air conditioning, and at my age, the A/C is winning out. Appreciate any and all help in my search for a 63 R1, preferably gold with elk interior like the one I had in 1963!

    Hi, I have a 64R1, gold with elk interior. It's in St. Paul MN I can send photos to your e-mail address if interested. I will sell for 18,500


  12. I hope the electric fans make a real difference. The Saturn air deflector under the front end made a difference at highway speeds but in traffic it will see the north side of 220 degrees up to near 240 once. If the most it would get was 210 I wouldn't worry...that's not bad at all.

    Believe me...we don't dump money into our Avanti's because we think we'll ever see a profit on the car...simply not gonna happen outside of rare circumstances. We do it for the love of the car. I understand the need for donor cars, but it's still sad to see another Avant lost.

    On my 83 305, I installed a Billet grille which pushes air up into the radiator along with an air deflector on the lower pan. I run about 180-190.

  13. July 29 - August 4? I believe the dates are. Members from South Bend passed out registration forms for the AOAI meet, at the Inn of St Mary's during the AOAI Banquet Friday night at Gettysburg.

    That's the same date the SDC is having their meet. It will be at the South Bend Marriott and the concourse and swap meet at the St. Joseph County fair grounds.

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