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  1. Mike,

    Send me an email so I have your address and will send you the pics.

    I'm dap8@comcast.net

    Thanks Dave for making the effort to send me photo. You have a very Avanti.


  2. My new 1964 R2 (R4888) has a permanent metal tag on the console that reads, "CAUTION-- DO NOT LOWER WINDOWS AT SPEEDS IN EXCESS OF 120 M.P.H."

    Where did this come from? Anyone else have it? I understand it is not a joke...

    Can you posy a pciture of it or send me one. Thanks...Mike

  3. I believe the VIN plates were riveted, but not with pop rivets. It was a special rivet not available to the public...at east not readily available. You might call Jon Myer at Myer's Studebaker or Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors...they're probably the two most knowledgable guys out there to give you the proper answer.

    Mine has two rivets, no welds.

  4. My new (1964) R2 came with one tired ignition key. Can't be copied because the local key maker did not have the correct blank. Ordered them from Studebaker International and those didn't work. Key shop did the research and special ordered the correct blanks. Now cut and work in my car. The key place had to order 10 blanks and I promised to see if I could help sell them. If you want one or two let me know by email and give me your USPS address. $5 each in the mail. Low risk, great reward. Dave Pyle • dap8@comcast.net

    Sent you an email Dave. I will take two blanks...Mike

  5. I'm looking for locations to put some of the factory style decals offered by various parts houses...air cleaner, the TT service decal, Studebaker craftsmen built, etc.

    The catalogs offer only general areas...I'd like something more specific. i.e. Where on the door or door jam...where in the engine compartment.

    Anyone out there with a great show car willing to tell? :)


    Thought I would bring this post to the present day. I am seeking the same information that was asked years ago. Thanks.

  6. I just bought a 64 R2 that will be the replacement for my 1973 Avanti II RQB1913 that was damaged during transport. The supercharger presents a few questions. First, is the hole where the dip stick is used to fill the supercharger? The second question is where do I buy the correct transmission flud that is called for in the manual?



    I am interested in the answer to Mark's question above also. Thanks!

  7. 1964 Avanti R2, just had the carburetor professionally rebuilt. Runs great except full acceleration wants to die. Seems to be getting some type of fine sediment in the carb. Anybody think I should pull the gas tank and have it cleaned and gone through? Any other ideas. First post. Thanks.

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