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  1. When buying any product one should check reviews and BBB ratings. The Garage Forum is a great place to find information on lifts and experiences users have had. Make sure your lift is ALI certified. I have a Direct Lift and it's been awesome so far. Unfortunately when it comes to buying US made lifts, buyers have experienced bankruptcy issues along with quality issues in many cases. Make sure you have the certification and you should be good.

  2. I just received one from California Car Covers, I went online and also spoke to a rep. I have a 64R2 that is recently painted; took at the Greenwich Concours........Most Outstanding Sports Car 1944-1964" So I was very concerned about what lies against the paint. The cover for the Avanti fits perfectly. To accommodate the antenna they suggest removing the antennae and then making a mark and then punching a hole. After that using their plastic grommet you secure the hole as not to rip anymore. Also, they included an antenna cover. I did not order special "ears" to accommodate the side mirrors; felt that wasn't necessary; a good decision.

    I am really happy with this product, pricey but the quality is amazing, they included grommets at the bottom sides by the door to tie down underneath frame

    I have the same cover and very happy with it. You get what you pay for.

  3. Greg prince, together with others, has been working on a huge authenticity manual for 1963-64 Avantis. It is ready for proofing and was last waiting for approval from AOAI board member Steve James to send out electronically for further proofing and feedback. When released, the book will be 400 pages of color images and text covering every aspect of the Avanti. Steve has some health problems earlier, and I figure that once he is recovered well enough, we'll get back to final proofing and making arrangement for printing.

    This really sounds like a project that should be fast tracked to finish.

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