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  1. First I would take WD 40 and spray it down the window. If that helps great. I doubt that it will. Depending upon the condition the entire mechanism might need a rebuilding.but I doubt the problem is the motor unless you keep overworking it and burn it up.

    Next take the door panel off and check the various bolts that hold everything together. As has been said in previous posts the fiberglass door panel cracks. Other then a screw driver all you need is the tool to remove the door handle clip. And disconnect the Battery first as you have to disconnect the wires going to the window switch.
    I have also found is; when the bolts come loose as the window operates they move and in large the hole in the fiber glass. What I have used in the past to patch the elongated holes is to use what is called a fender washer. ( a very large thin washer.) Place one or two under the bolt and tighten securely. The washer deforms and tightens on to the fiberglass. The original bolts have star washers that helps chew the fiberglass when they become loose.

    The adjustment of the various mounting points is critical for the correct operation of the window.

    Good Luck


  2. Doug B;

    I have in the past thought about doing the same thing. Install an electrical operated Solenoid Valve on the gas line where it leaves the gas tank. Then have a toggle switch under the dash to turn it on. It would also serve as a anti theft device.

    There are many 12 volt valves available. Amazon has one for about $38.00


  3. The clutch on my Avanti's York A/C Compressor has a short and is in need of replacing. I am not sure that the clutch that is on the car is the correct size as the compressor was replaced about 20 years ago. The original compressor throw a rod while driving on the Taconic Parkway. The compressor that was installed at that time was out of a 64 Lark type that had a after market A/C unit. Until a few weeks ago the system worked fine.

    The outside diameter of the pulley that is on the compressor is 6 3/4 inches. I also need a source for a replacement clutch.

    Ron 63R1890 since 1976,

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