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  1. The rear window would pull out for a couple of reasons. The shape of the Avanti creates a vacuum behind it...it gets worse as the speed increases. Combine that with what was determined to be insufficently secure rear window attachment points and the vacuum sucked the glass right out. Supposedly having the side windows open made the problem worse allowing blowing air inside the car pushing even more on the glass from the interior. Studebaker made at least two modifications toward improving the rear glass brackets to eliminate the problem. I may be wrong on some of these specifics, but I think it's basically what happened.

    As far as aerodynamics go, I'm not aware of any testing, either back then or now, done on the Avanti design, though the Avanti design seems based on practical aerodynamics. There was little known of items taken as normal now, such as spoilers and air dams to push the air around the car rather then allow it underneath creating turbulence. I read that the Due Cento, when raced at Bonneville, had complete belly panning installed to alleviate the underbody turbulence. I feel sure a good spoiler mounted under the front end would go far in getting more cooling air to the radiator rather than create under chassis turbulence. I believe someone in the club has posted a thread in the past doing just that.

    In one article I've read on the Avanti, the author said Porsche engineers said the Avanti has long been their favorite American design due to its aerodynamic design. I have that article somewhere...it was written some years ago.

    '53 Studes have always been popular at the Salt Flats due to their shape. A beautiful design that didn't sell well way back when. Sometimes it's true when people say that Stude designs were often ahead of their time.

    Volvo engineers found that the shoulders running along the sides of their cars mitigated much of the lift caused by the wing effect of air rushing over and under the car. They were able to offer cars with no rear spoiler that did not have a signifcent lift on the rear of the car at speeds. I suspect that the Avanti's long shoulders have a similar effect and prevent the rear from lifting at speed.

    Tim Sheard, Brooklyn ;)

  2. I'll be in South Bend on Friday, September 15, on a 13-state book tour in my '69 Avanti, and I haven't yet found a cafe or pub or other public place to promote my book. Can anyone suggest a place in the S. Bend area I might meet with like-minded car lovers?

    Thank you, Tim Sheard, Brooklyn

    My 13-state tour is posted on www.timsheard.com

  3. A local mechanic told me the engine in my '69 Avanti II is a 307 Olds variety, not a 327 Chevy Corvette engine. He pointed out the long spout at the front of the engine for adding oil, saying that is characteristic of the Old engine. Does anyone know if Old engines were used in that period as original equipment? How can I tell if the engine is not the original? I do not have paperwork from the original purchase. :unsure:


    Tim Sheard, Brooklyn

  4. My '69 avanti came with a frozen handbrake. previous owner tells me he never used it. The manual says to remove the cotter pin. I THINK this is the pin just behind the bracket under the dashboard behind the plastic handle; I can see one end of a pin, but I can't see the head of the cotter pin or any way to remove it. suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I attached a photo of the brake if that would help clarify the situation.


    tim sheard, brooklyn

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