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  1. On January 7, 2006 Arnold Altman, former President of Avanti Motors passed away from lung cancer. I was wondering if anyone in Avanti land has any pictures of Mister Altman. If you have any please contact me.

    Yes..if you go to avantisource.com there is a picture of Arnold "Arry" Altman outside the south layfayette blvd. factory standing with a Studebaker Avanti and an Avanti II. I met him in the midseventies when I had my avanti restored at the factory. He was a nice man..an agressiv salesman but a nice man as was Bill Braunsdorf..ther plant foreman...they trul treated the customer as King...while they did a really fine job...itemized the bill down to the lst nut, bolt and screw I regret not trading it in as he suggested for a brand-new AvantiII...just couldn't stand that cow catcher bumper they had to put on it.

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