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  1. Finally am ready to paint my car.  It has been painted before.  It is obvious that during that paint job that the rear window was not taken out.

    How hard is it to remove and more importantly replace the window.  I have not found any links to someone doing this.  I do have the shop manual, but some better pictures would help.  I have read threads about people getting mis fitting new seals for the window, but nothing on the whole procedure.




  2. Did some more research. First I just put 1963 Studebaker Avanti into that popular search thing.. The first selection is just to view pictures of the car. And the mirrors are all over the place. Some on the doors (not as many as I thought would be), some on the fenders close to the windshield, some much further forward.

    Then I looked up well-nut. they came in all sizes, but the size that will hold the correct size threaded bolt comes in a 3/8 wide outside diameter well-nut. So I measure the holes in my car, and they are indeed 3/8 of an inch. Of the four holes, one had a well-nut, the rest had something like you would use to hang a picture in sheetrock.

    Then I looked up rear view mirrors. It's different from state to state in what is required. Not Federal from what I could tell. Some states have a ruling that if your car did not originally come with them, you didn't need them. Some wanted a left one and another one.

    So I think I will stay with the original location.

  3. The pictures are of the right door with the augured out holes, and the left fender where you can barely make out the indents from the fender mounted mirror. I do have two holes on the left door that are not quite as large as the rights.

    So I'm thinking of taking off the door panels (got to adjust the sag out of both) and reinforce the holes from below and fill the holes. Then either mount the fender mirror or redo the door ones.

    I have a new rule of thumb. Just when you think you are almost done and you think you only have one item to fix, you find three more to do.

  4. My side view mirrors have never been overly secure mounted to my doors. I am getting ready for paint. Does anyone have a suggestion on what to put back in the holes I currently have in the doors so I can screw the mirrors back on. The holes I have now are pretty large, and I may need to reglass this area and start from scratch.

    I can also see evidence where the driver mirror was once mounted on the left front fender, at the very back edge. Anyone seen this before. Where rearview mirrors dealer installed?? Are there many variations or is their a stock spot.




  5. Thanks for the quick respomse. I can see that bracket and the bolts. I took the steering wheel column out over a year ago to paint and cannot remember (old guy) what goes on those four bolts. The holes on the column are huge, so there must have been some pretty big fender washers or maybe two plates, one on each side.


  6. Finally putting my 63 back together. Somewhere in my parts cataloging I misplaced whatever holds the steering column to the car. There are four large holes on a bracket on the column. Is this held in place by two plates and then the nuts???? Pictures/ parts catalog reference? I will more than likely be fabricating new ones if I cannot find the originals.


  7. Though I have painted cars when I was young I will have a shop do my Avanti. But I plan to do the grunt work and think I will strip it. The paint job I had was about a 15 footer that would not hold a shine. Then in storage I had some gas burp out the filler and ruin the paint below the filler. So it wasn't much of a paint job to begin with.

  8. I need to paint my Avanti. Looking at sites on painting the other fiberglass car (Corvette) I see that most strip down to the fiberglass with chemical stripper. They say that Corvettes did not have a gel coat. Do we have a gel coat and do I have to strip off the old paint? Then they say to use an epoxy primer before the regular primer. Is this necessary?

    Any recommendations on painting will be highly appreciated.

  9. When I bought my 63 it was advertised as having the rare smooth dash option. The dash has no ribs as all other early Avantis I have seen. Is this rare option true or was the dash replaced. The other odd thing about my car is that it did not come with power steering. The factory power steering parts were added later.

  10. I believe the problem (at least with mine) with radials is that the sidewalls are much more round than an older bias ply. The radial fit in the trunk diameter wise but stuck out quite a bit height wise. Kind of irritated me for some reason. The Coker reproduction biasply was not that much and was delivered to my door. I don't believe the shipping was that much either. It just comes as a wrapped up tire, not in a box or anything. I have no intention of driving on it.

    It was fun to see the guys at Discount Tire when I took it to be mounted.

    Nice looking (at least from ad) 63 for sale up at Kompact Kar Korner in Lynnwood. It is listed in Seattle Craiglist.

  11. I have radials on my 63. When I got the car the spare stuck up about two inches above the trunk floor. So I bought an original size tire from Coker and it still sticks up just a bit. If I had a system to keep the lid on tight I could probably make it fit. Hard to believe those skinny tires were the originals. I believe I read they were also used on the 63 Corvette???

  12. Took my 63 out for a nice weekend drive. Beautiful day and not too hot. Did great going over a 4000ft pass and ran strong and reasonably cool. Stopped for lunch and checked under the hood. I have had a small problem with the power steering reservoir leaking a little. I saw some fluid on the left side of the engine. Checked and it was down a bit but plenty to get home.

    On the way home I thought to myself what a reliable and comfortable old car. Did not tell my wife these thoughts as I didn't want to test fate. On way home I had to stop for a little more gas. Had to back in to get to the pump. Cranked the steering and heard a funny popping noise. Got next to the pump and the car fills full of black smoke. Pop hood and get out. A guy in front of the car says "hey, you cars on fire!".

    Turns out the rubber line from the power steering pump with the swagged metal fitting had broken. The pump proceeded to pump all the fluid on the exhaust pipe.

    So my thoughts are - here is my beautiful car on fire at a gas pump. The fire was pretty much limited to the exhaust pipe and was put out with no damage.

    So here are my questions.

    In Nov 2001 a PST 1300 complete installation setup from Myer's Studebaker was installed on my car. Could the car possibly not have had power steering before this?

    Then on July of 2004 a power steering bypass hose was installed. What is this?

    Other small pesky problems I have are

    Where to get my tach rebuilt?

    The car studders when I get on the gas. Nothing major, just a little hesitation before it start to accelerate.

    The car looses it prime when it sits for a week. I have the correct pump(New) and so forth. But if it sits I have to crank on it for about ten seconds to get gas back to the carb.

    Front disc squeel. Especially when backing up, but sometimes when going forward. Pads are newer and rotors look good.

    Thanks, and check you power steering hoses!!!



  13. My tach does work, but when it gets up to about 3000 RPMs it stops going any further. I would think this would be the gauge itself. Could it be something else. I do have electronic ignition installed.



  14. My rear leaf springs have sagged and I am in the process of fixing them. Should I buy new or have them rebuilt? The only new ones I can find are in MA and I am in Seattle, so shipping may be a factor. Also, the previous owner intalled taller shackles to compensate for the sag. Can I get the originals shackles somewhere, and if not how long is the measurement from hole to hole.



    Just when I think I have all my problems solved, I find another. Part of the fun of an old car.

  15. I have a problem that may be related to the fittings installed in my 63 Avanti R1. When I got the car it had a leaky Lark fuel pump on the car. I have since installed the correct modified for Studebaker Carter pump. The Lark pump had a fitting for the fuel inlet that was what appears to be a large brass fitting to fit the larger fuel line. The fitting needs a reduction to adapt to the Carter pump. From what I can tell this is the correct inlet. The outlet from the Lark pump was a T-fitting with one line going to the carb and the other going to the tank return. I t appears to be a standard t-fitting with nothing special. What should be here and how would I buy one?

    The other problem is if it sits for a couple of days I have to crank it quite a bit to get it to start. This seems strange because if I take the main fuel line off the pump, fuel will flow out freely from the tank.



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