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  1. On 12/24/2020 at 2:08 PM, studegary said:

    I can see that it would evaporate through the open nozzle.  How would it "siphon out"?  

    If you set it on the bench with the nozzle open you will come back to a large puddle under your spray bottle. All of my mechanics in my shop have cleaned up enough of these messes to know.

    Good luck,

    Jim Wood


  2. 23 hours ago, JensenHealey said:

    I think 1989 is long before ODB1 so I will check for the ODB1 receptical on my 1989 convertible with TBI fuel injection but I have my doubts that it is available on these cars. 
    Since the 1988 cars are carbureted I am 100% positive those have no self diagnostic ports on them at all.

    Also I am not sure but I don't think this sort of info is accessible at all in a OBD1 system.

    OBDI started on Chevrolets in the early 1980's. My 1987 Avanti Coupe is based on the Monte Carlo which came will a CCC type carburetor. CCC stands for Computer Controlled Carburetor. It has an ECM and OBDI connector. It also has an O2 sensor.

    Your TBI system will also have an OBDI connector, although I am not sure Avanti Corp. placed it in the correct area. I can't recall but mine may have been behind the center console or on the passenger side, BUT there is one.

    Good luck,

    Jim Wood



  3. If you have a check engine light on the dash you will have an ECM and a connector.

    1987 thru 1991 Avanti will have an OBDI connector located on the drivers side below the dash.

    WARNING: This will be the older OBDI not the newer OBDII.

    Most code readers will only show you codes and not data.

    I don't believe you will get vehicle info from these older ECMs. I know I recently changed out my ECM because of a driveability problem last month and you don't have to program them. Plug and Play. I have also replaced the ECM prom chip. Plug and Play also.

    OEM VIN# will greatly help with engine and emission parts ordering or performance upgrades.

    Same with suspension, steering, brakes and drive train.

    Here is more info on finding your Chevrolet VIN#


    Good luck,

    Jim Wood

  4. Quote
    On 12/7/2020 at 11:22 AM, arkus said:

    50% each atf and acetone is a terrific penetrator. once mixed it has to be kept tightly sealed or the acetone will evaporate. it has to be well shaken before each use also. in my experience, better than any commercially available alternative. 


    I'll double that recommendation, the only thing we use in our shop. Keep the nozzle on the spray bottle closed when not in use because it will siphon  out of the bottle.


    Good luck,

    Jim Wood

  5. There are several places that you may find a part of the original VIN# from Chevrolet. One place in on the engine block behind the alternator in front of the passenger head, mine was blank here.  I found mine on the rear of the transmission case on the drivers side. It will only be the last 8 digits, but the first 9 digits are company info and easy to figure out.

    My Avanti VIN # 12AAV1230H1000108

    My Chevrolet VIN # 1G1GZ11G7HR102501

    Also when I purchased my Avanti from out of state, the State Police had to verify my VIN etc. In order for the Avanti to come up in their system we had to change the 9th digit from a 0 to a 3.

    Good luck,

    Jim Wood

  6. The dimple on the swivel plate fits in holes in the frame, in front of the rear wheels and behind the front wheels. Very stable and can lift the wheel over 6 inches in the air. One of the best OEM jacks I have seen. Should be the 1987 Monte Carlo jack.
  7. Rollers for the window guides are available from Studebaker International.

    The motors are available from any auto parts store. Motors are from a 90's Chrysler LeBaron. Just switch the drivers and passenger door side.

    The gear drive inside the motor can be rebuilt, kits available from any auto parts store.

    Good luck,

    Jim Wood

  8. It uses early eighties Chrysler motors and drive. The drivers is the passengers side and the passengers side is the drivers. You can get motors and drive kits from any auto parts store.


    Search the history postings for part #s.


    Jim Wood

  9. Loosen the bolt about a turn and you can move it up, down or in and out. After you have it in position tighten it. I don't think the bolt plate will fall in the door frame, but there is no reason to loosen the bolt that much.


    Good luck,


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