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  1. The floor on my 87 is different from the earlier models. I found this out when I was looking for carpeting. The frame goes out flush with the body. No hog troughs and deeper foot wells. Good luck, Jim Wood
  2. Thanks for the info.👍 Good luck, Jim Wood
  3. My 87 Avanti does have the metal rail at the top to slide the rubber into. To modify the seal you just cut some off both ends. Good luck, Jim Wood
  4. What are you needing? Most of the wiring diagrams would be the same as in the 63-64 Avanti Service Manual or my 87 Avanti depending on options. Good luck, Jim Wood
  5. The 1987 Avanti wiring diagrams pages 1-22, vacuum diagram and ECM pin-outs diagram use the original 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo diagrams. Some of the diagrams have been altered, usually grounds, from the original. The rest of the pages are Avanti Motors. If you have problems reading the wiring diagrams I can provide the Chevrolet page which is clearer. Good luck, Jim Wood
  6. For the 1987 Coupe, Avanti used the original Chevrolet weatherstrip off of the Monte Carlo, just cut both ends off. You can get them from Steele Rubber, that's what I used. https://www.steelerubber.com/front-door-weatherstrip-70-3535-72 The 1987 Coupe didn't have metal trim around the glass. I had a post about it, but I can't find it. I'll have to look at my Avanti but I think they drilled holes for the push button clips that hold the seal in place. You could still just glue it in place. Good luck, Jim Wood
  7. I have found a company that makes replacement automotive stickers, I'm looking into cost. Good luck, Jim Wood
  8. Here at the shop I use ACDelco 10-108 Cooling System Sealing Tabs. GM called for them any time you opened a Cadillac cooling system. You can get them at any GM or AC Delco dealer. I haven't seen any problems with them and have been using them for 20-30 years. https://www.amazon.com/ACDelco-10-108/dp/B0026JK8C8 Good luck, Jim Wood
  9. They make a glue for rubber or silicone o-rings. You cut the o-ring material to length and glue it. It may work on the rings. Google (o-ring adhesive). Good luck, Jim Wood
  10. Color TV monitor for the rear passengers, may have only been available in the SC version, I'm not sure. My 1987 Coupe is wired for it, so it may have been standard wiring. Other options were heated seats, rear headphones, driving computer, auto day-night mirror, headlight timer, remote control alarm system and power moon roof. About anything available at the time. Good luck, Jim Wood
  11. My '87 Coupe also. I remember that the armrest has the Ford part # molded into it, I used that to order some mounting hardware from Ford. Used '87 Chrysler La Baron HVAC controls and power window motors. The wiper switch is Jeep with a ground wire to it. Every thing they could use off of the Monte Carlo donor car. The power window switch is made by Cherry Switches from Germany. One of the main electrical harnesses behind the center console and going thru the console to power the rear TV is a Marine (boat) harness. I had a problem with the engine just dying, found that one of the fuse box Bat+ wires ran thru the Marine harness to the rear of the center console and back to power part of the fuse box. Bad sealed connector in the harness would overheat and kill the power to the ignition fuse. That one was a real pain to find. Good luck, Jim Wood
  12. Your probably correct. Still, I doubt there are many people with much experience working on a limited production vehicle from 30 years ago. Good luck, Jim Wood
  13. How about a little help with more information and pictures. This late year Avantis were very limited production vehicles, and Avanti used many different parts from many different suppliers. I doubt many people have looked at the wiring for a 1989 Avanti Convertible, what about 17 made. My 87 uses parts from GM, Chrysler, Jeep and Cherry. Brake lights, hazard flashers, and turn signals would not go thru the headlight circuits. What does your headlight switch even look like? Is it on the dash or on the column? If your switch is in the dash and has a circuit breaker it would only shut down the headlights. Have you pulled the headlight switch to check for an overheated plug. Vehicles of this era had full battery power going to the headlight switch and melting the connectors. If your Avanti has a floor high beam switch have you checked the wiring, they are bad about corroding and all headlight power goes thru it.. Are there other fuses dead in the fuse box that would lead me to believe that a power wire is dead? 1989 Chevrolet Caprice wiring diagram shows (no fuse #) that the tail light 20amp fuse is HOT AT ALL TIMES and then goes to the headlight switch circuit that does not have the circuit breaker and then to the tail lights etc. My professional opinion is that you have a dead power wire to the fuse box OR (and more likely) several different wiring problems. A Power Probe would make this task much easier to diagnose. Good luck, Jim Wood
  14. I took both the 64 hinge and my 87 hinge and separated the parts. When I laid the bent strap of the 64 on top of the 87 you could see how the 87 was bent wrong. Mine was just bent wrong from the factory. Good luck, Jim Wood
  15. You can find my Owners manual at Bob Johnstones great Avanti site. https://studebaker-info.org/OM/87avom/87AVOM.html Good luck, Jim Wood
  16. If you can get to the sending unit you can unplug the two wires and use resisters to test the gauge. I believe 240 ohms is empty and 33 ohms is full, I could be wrong. I use a 200,100,50 resisters to test the gauge positions. If the gauge works its the sending unit. If the gauge doesn't work its the gauge or wiring to the gauge. Good luck, Jim Wood
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