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  1. JensenHealey; Sorry , I get in mechanic mode and don't explain what I'm looking at well. GM used fusible links to protect the main wires supplying multiple devices. Today everyone uses MAXI fuses. These type of fuse are slow to blow, unlike the fuses in the fuse block. Fusible links rarely blow, I've only replaced a handful in 45 years. Yours is blown, you can tell it was hot because the red end is pinkish in color. This can happen one of two ways. Corrosion got to the wires, broke enough wire strands and the fuse overheated. OR too much current melted the outer wire casing and corrosion set in. I install a fuse to test the system because these are a pain to replace. Use a amp meter to test the system as you power on all the devices powered by the wire. You can also wire it direct and follow the melted wiring to the problem, not a method I'm fond of 😫. Good luck, Jim Wood PS - Did you get your fuel pump running?
  2. Is the fuse bad? It is a 16 gauge fusible link, you can get them at any auto parts store. https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/dorman-conduct-tite-16-gauge-gm-fusible-link-wire-carded-85621/22141316-p?c3ch=PLA&c3nid=22141316-P&adtype=&product_channel=Online&store_code=&gclid=c46e972d0f731595731bf703cfcc9449&gclsrc=3p.ds&msclkid=c46e972d0f731595731bf703cfcc9449&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=b_lia_all_dorman%2Fretail%2Fbody_electrical_terminals%2Fconnectors_review_all_rmktg_aap_us_all&utm_term=4581183924589470&utm_content=Bing_LIA_Dorman Retail %2F Body_Electrical_Terminals %26 Connectors_Review If you use a fuse I would start with a 20 amp MAXI fuse. Good luck, Jim Wood
  3. Yes, it should be marked on the wire coating. New links are available from most auto parts stores, but since you have to wire it in, I usually just wire in a fuse holder. Good luck, Jim Wood
  4. The fusible link in basically a piece of wire that is a smaller gauge then the regular wire, so it melts first. You should see a burnt spot in the wire in the first six inches coming off of the starter solenoid. You can grab and pull the wire and it will separate at the blown area of wire. Good luck, Jim Wood
  5. The firewall plug usually has a captured bolt in the center of the outside plug that clamps the plug halves together. The outside of the plug should be clipped to the body. The inside part of the plug should release when you loosen the bolt. My firewall plug is located between the wiper motor and the washer tank. Good luck, Jim Wood
  6. The wiring diagram that I posted shows Power Distribution on pages 2-4. There are 3 fusible links on the starter supplying power to the ignition switch and fuse block. Check for blown links or corroded wires at the plug going thru the firewall. If it is like my Avanti the problem is before the fuse block not from the fuse block. Good luck, Jim Wood
  7. Had it made from the 1987 Amoco Avanti flyer. I’ve scanned it on the 1984-91 forum. Good luck, Jim Wood
  8. I'm going to use it in my hobby room to cover a bi-fold door, that's why the two frames. The left side is the back of the flyer and the right side the front. There is still a noticeable crease down the center of the poster from where the flyer has been folder for 24 years. I may try to repair the scan in Photo Shop and remove the titles, that would make a great poster. But for now it serves my purposes. Good luck, Jim Wood
  9. Just received my poster in the mail. I send my scan of the Amoco Oil flyer in and the poster company enlarged it to 36x48 and printed it on canvas. Looks better then the original scan. Still has a crease down the middle, but that's OK as I am going to cut it down the center and mount it in two frames. Good luck, Jim Wood
  10. If all else fails, I was able to find my switch from the casting numbers in the switch. My local auto electrical shop was able to cross it for me. Good luck, Jim Wood
  11. My sticker shows a production date of FEB 1987, a full six months before production began in Youngstown, OH according to John Hull's book. I've been told by "people in the know at that time" that all uncompleted and completed unsold Avantis were moved to Youngstown, OH. We think that my Avanti was completed in South Bend, IN in FEB and then shipped to Youngstown, OH. My Warranty booklet shows a delivery date of March, 1988. Good luck, Jim Wood
  12. When you turn on the ignition, power is supplied by the fuel pump relay to the fuel pump for 2 seconds. If the fuel pump relay is working have someone turn the key on while you test for voltage for the 2 seconds. If the relay is bad or missing jump the relay and supply a constant voltage, but it may be hard to tell the pump from the gauge. Good luck, Jim Wood
  13. IF it uses the Caprice fuel pump the book says - Pink is fuel gauge Black or Black\White is ground ? is fuel pump. Diagram does not show color of wire. Hey but two out of three ain't bad. Good luck, Jim Wood
  14. Sticky subject. I have seen 1987 Avanti's with later VIN's and body #'s then mine but with South Bend tags. Good luck, Jim Wood
  15. I would get a smell of gas in the car every time I filled up the tank. Found that the fittings were not soldered all the way around. The tank fill tube at the base was leaking and the vent fittings were leaking. These were not cracked, just poor soldering. Took it to my radiator shop and had it repaired. If you can get to the tank I would test it for bad joints. Good luck, Jim Wood
  16. Came upright stock. The Flex-a-lite shroud and fan is 4" thick, would that fit? Good luck, Jim Wood
  17. Would something like these work? https://www.steelerubber.com/door-weatherstrip-retainers-20-0393-73 Good luck, Jim Wood
  18. Should be some type of marking on the wheel. You may have to dismount the tire to find it. Look for original wheel models on the internet. Good luck, Jim Wood
  19. I purchased it years ago. Good luck, Jim Wood
  20. The best thing about my 1987 Avanti having the Monte Carlo chassis is your getting an '80's suspension and steering instead of the '50's of the original Avanti. The ride and steering is way better. Much earlier to ad performance steering, suspension and braking. I was able to add drop spindles and bring back the original rake look also. Good luck, Jim Wood
  21. The floor on my 87 is different from the earlier models. I found this out when I was looking for carpeting. The frame goes out flush with the body. No hog troughs and deeper foot wells. Good luck, Jim Wood
  22. Thanks for the info.👍 Good luck, Jim Wood
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