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  1. After having gone through my fair share of Eaton pumps, I do not believe what is pictured is a factory washer.

    Be careful with the new seal kit, they include top seals that will block the cover vent, creating a new vent where the front seal is!

  2. Bumping this thread. I also have the 976 heads on my R2. However, I have flat top pistons and this engine has composite gaskets. I do not know who built it.

    What am I to suppose my compression ratio is?  Before I redo these heads, I am actively searching for the correct 582 heads which I read to be 67 ccs. Sounds like at least a step in the right direction?  If my bores & pistons check out OK, I could easily trim a few ccs out of the correct heads in the course of chamber work, this should put me in much better shape than I am now?

    What do the experts think?

  3. I just did mine this spring.

    The old springs were very soft, The car bottomed easily though the springs had not sagged much.

    The new springs are extremely "factory" in their ride and height. That is, it rides like a "normal" passenger car.

    My preference would have actually been for a little more firm spring!

    Go for it, you will not look back.


    I purchased these parts several years ago and i'm not sure any human knows where the engine side part goes.

    The undercar portion is designed for an Avanti II and will need to be cut down in height to fit. (bet the seller didn't tell you that?)

    I have asked many times for advice/ photos showing the engine compartment part installed and have had no constuctive help.

    Please let us know what you find.

  5. Two things to keep in mind:

    The OEM has not used "can" coils in decades and they are not domesticaly made anymore.

    Pertronics coils are from China and are junk. Pick up and old OEM coil at a swap meet or a junk yard and it will likely last many years. Bosch coils could be an option and were still made in Germany a couple of years ago. The internal resistance is important and easy to measure, if you run out of steam at 4 grand, look to the coil.

    Also engines under boost conditions demand a big spark. "Got boost?"

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