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  1. My car has been living outside for a couple of months, not happy about it but them's the breaks.

    After finding a good deal of water in the trunk, I assumed it was getting in through the 60 year old rear window seal as the trunk seal and gutter look quite effective. Had not ruled out the trunk seal but it has been replaced. After drying out the trunk & sealing the window with painter's tape, there was still more water in the trunk. The tail light gaskets are very good so this has been ruled out as well. Am I missing something or does this all point to the trunk seal? She is making it difficult to keep loving her!

    Oh, the super awesome part... I have removed the painters tape. And with it came significant amounts of paint. Sigh.


  2. 215/70/15s on 6 inch wheels on mine. Nary a prob, and they fill the fenders nicely. I have always believed that this is about as much tire as a circa 1953 suspension & wimpy sway bars can really utilize anyhow? Additionally, try to find a "performance" tire in 15" today!

  3. Regnal, Would '63 & 64 be the same? Interesting how that line to the supercharger takes a right hand turn.

    Mine might be correct (please take a look) and I should bend some new lines. A regular "goat rodeo" this thing is!

    Thanks all.



  4. Ceramic coat the exhaust manifolds. They do the inside as well as the outside so it will make a huge diff. in heat as well as make them look great!

    It will, however make the rest of the exhaust warmer so some exhaust wrap could be in order. You have learned that these cars are stupid hot?

  5. Searching the web for photos today.  I took several photos of the water manifold hardware but I have nothing (as does the shop manual) of which head bolts go where.

    Ditto for which side the temp sender goes, various plugs & fittings... Maybe ya'll can provide some links or photos? I did not expect this engine to be apart for 13 months...

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