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  1. In addition to the good tips previously posted ,you may need to take the bolts/screws out of the bumper fill panel and slide that back to be able to twist and pull the socket out.The sockets are mounted at the top. Or maybe a better way to put it is they are above and behind the lens. That is what I had to do when I replaced mine with new sockets.


  2. I recieved on Saturday the 2 calendars I ordered just the previous Thursday. I was not expecting them that fast. And there was a hand written "Thank You" from Lew.Thank you and a Happy New Year to every AOAI member!

    RD Maxon


  3. In this month's Avanti magazine,[spring/Summer 2010],in Bill Henderson's excellent brake conversion article said he looped his front brake line for safety. I've never heard of this. I'm making this same conversion and would like to hear more about how looping the line adds to safety. Do I loop both lines from the master cylinder to the junction block or only the line that powers the front brakes? Thanks.

    RD Maxon

  4. I pulled the engine and transmission out as one in my '63 R-1. And reinstalled them together as well. I used a Harbor Freight hoist with the leveler. It was tight but I some how managed. With my set up I don't think I could have managed to pull them seperaterately. I also didn't think I'd be able to bolt the transmission up under the car. There's not much clearance between the transmission and the tunnel.

    RD maxon


  5. I'll see what I can do to make that happen! Thats for sure.

    RD Maxon

    I wish you would have got some pictures of this flying Avanti with your Avanti! I'd love to use a shot of both avantis (aircraft and car) together for our Avanti calendar.


  6. I bought Dave Thibeault's master cylinder conversion. It comes as a complete kit. It uses a pressure switch for the brake lights as well. I have not installed it as yet but it seems straight forward. I believe I will also continue to use DOT 3 brake fluid at least for the time being.

    RD Maxon

  7. I have always really liked the look of this aircraft but had not thought I would see one in person. They are fairly rare in the States. Short story: I saw this one land at the Airport in Abingdon,Va and was allowed out on the ramp to shoot some pictures. This particular aircraft is owned/operated by Avantair. Hey,90K buys you 25 hours. Sign me up. :lol:





    RD Maxon

  8. Thanks DM. I believe I'll try your tip. RD

    When you put those hubs back on... CLEAN the inside of the hub and the taper... get all of the oil, BPBlaster & crud off. Take a piece of blackboard chalk and draw several rings or diagonal lines on the taper. When you put the hub back on, it will not sieze... but the chalk does not give lubrication which will enable the hub to get too tight and crack. The next time you pull it, you will thank me for the advice!
  9. I saw a '63 Avanti for sale right below Mt. Airy NC. It is sitting with some other vehicles at an old gas station. I stopped and took a look. Its mostly complete but in sad shape. It would need a frame off nut and bolt restoration.


  10. Its no problem to hunt up a suitable wheel from the local yard here. I'll get to that bit in the next week or so. My intention on my post,besides me getting a wheel, was to give someone the opportunity to get a wheel out of their way that they just kept tripping over. Good information on the suitablity of a radial tire spare. I'll check that out using a radial I already own.


  11. Hello All

    I am looking for a Studebaker/Avanti wheel to use for my spare.

    Before I do a yard crawl for a suitable wheel I thought I ask here to

    see if any of you all had a wheel you'd care to part with[sell]. Let

    me know if can help out. I'd surely apprieciate it. RD Maxon

  12. It's likely that the article on that Red Avanti is in "Turning Wheels" and not "Avanti". If I do run up on it I will repost with the issue. It wasn't that long ago it was printed.. Richard

    Hello, I would like to get information about cover vehicle on 08 calendar.

    Such as; wheel size and make, and color. Any information would be appreciated.

  13. There is a write up on this Avanti in one of the '07 Avanti magazines. IIRC it is the Spring/Summer issue. Richard

    Hello, I would like to get information about cover vehicle on 08 calendar.

    Such as; wheel size and make, and color. Any information would be appreciated.

  14. It looks to me like you have a excellent starting point for a really nice Avanti. Here is where I would start if it were me,and this is the advice given to me when I got my Avanti: Buy the Shop Manual and the Parts Book. Mine are reprints purchased through E-Bay. Also,especially in your case, buy What The Shop Manual Won't Tell You by Stan Gundry. Available at his website : www.avantipublishing.com. RD Maxon

  15. Hey,Pete.

    Thanks for the input. I did find out how to drop that clip. You need to pull the carpet back,on the drivers side,away from the console and you will uncover the nut[7/16"] that secures the clip to the floor board. What I am dealing with now is that the forward cable and handle assembly is frozen. They have to be separated before either can be removed from the car. The shop manual sort of suggests the cable can be pulled through the firewall. If it can,then I haven't been able to do it. The 1/2" bolt that holds the handle assembly to firewall is difficult to remove with the spark plug wire runs in place. I got it out but I don't know exactly how I'm going to get it back in. Well,I do,sort of,I will reinstall it while I have the engine out for rebuild.

    Thanks for the information on the serial number. I have seen both tags but honestly didn't know which one Avanti owners used. I will get the number off the frame and use it from now on. My car didn't come with a title,I went through my state's[North Carolina] Title By Bond program. Richard Maxon

  16. Hello all,just a quick one. I am trying to remove the forward hand

    brake cable from my car,I am at the point where I need to free the

    clip that retains it to the floor[next to the transmission]. All the

    shop manual says is to"Remove the clip that retains the cable conduit

    to the floor pan"[page 21,step 2]. The parts catalog does not show

    this clipto speak of.So,if any of you all know how this comes

    out,please advise.Thanks. Richard Maxon

    1963 R-1 RQ2350

  17. Richard,

    Being a AMO member, you MUST have attended the "National" last year in Atlanta , no? My friend was one of the key people putting that together. I was impressed! lots of nice cars and parts too. Good luck with your new "prize possession" :)


    I hated that I had to miss the Nationals in Atlanta. I did make it to the Regional show in Greensboro. It was a good one. Once the coupes are back on the road I will be participating more and I will of course participate in AOAI and SDC as well. Richard

  18. RD,

    Do you belong to any of the AMC clubs? I have a real close friend that has been a member for a long time.

    He has several cars and even road-races one. :)

    Dan Miller

    I do belong to AMO and Carolina AMC. I haven't participated in them as much as I would like,mainly because my Matadors haven't been roadworthy for a while. I should have them back rolling soon. Richard

  19. Alright. Here are two pictures of my new 1963 Avanti. Although it doesn't show too well in the pictures it does need paint and some interior work. Firstly it needs an oil pan gasket and maybe a rear seal. It's leaking oil to the point that it has to be repaired.

    For the curious out there,the two cars in the background with the covers on them are my two AMC Matador Coupes. Richard



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