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  1. Geojerry,

    Not only is the air cleaner going to be a problem but the fan blade will be the next problem. I lowered my car as low as I could on the frame removing as many shims as possible. I then went to a drop base air cleaner and an electric fan for clearance. I retained the old fan shrould to maintain the orginal look inside the engine bay.

    The fan blade will hit the shroud if you remove too many shims up front.


  2. Lowering an Avanti is subjective to how low you want to go.

    Yes, it can be done by cutting springs or heating them. As long as your able to figure out an alignment.

    But after a certain point, without changing the fenders the tires will rub and crack.

    I guess the question is "how low do you want to go" I would have to measure, but I think I went around 2- 2 1/2 inches. Worked out really good and gave the car a great stance. Once again subjective.

  3. Hi Laure,

    I lowered my 79' Avanti, but it took a lot of work and money. My car is lower then the 63' Avanti. both in front and rear and over all height. This was achieved by having a machine shop make new king pins that lowered the front end. The nice thing about this was it did not effect the suspension specs. or geometery of the spring. I then had to cut the front fenders from molds made from my fathers 63 R-2.

    The rear end is very easy to lower using lowering blocks and longer U bolts.

    With this said, I would not use just any machine shop. King pins are a major concern for saftey. As with anything involving suspension once you alter one thing it affects another. This would include the wheel turn stops and the tie rods. So all this must be addressed.

    The car looks amazing with a "hunkered down stance" I also run 16" boyd Coddington wheels. These wheels really fill out the wheel openings.

    Hang in there, it can be done. It took alot of research and work to get the stance I wanted, but it was worth all the work.

    I'll have my car at the National Meet in South Bend if you want to take a look.

    Best wishes,


  4. b denning, I totaly agree innocent until proven guilty. But if Michael Kelly is guilty and it seems likley, I don't think Avanti enthusiast should be happy that our marque is associated with a thief. I guess I would disagree with your comment of "The only thing wrong here is the marketing of the new Avanti is poor." I would think the real "wrong" here is the new company was built on stolen money from innocent people. Just my thoughts. And further, if all this is true I'm sure those he stole from would feel the same. Of course if he is wrongly accused then Michael Kelly should be commended for all he has done. Enjoy Cancun.

    Tom, Beautiful car.

    I'm running 17" boyds on my car front end lowered approx. 1.5 inches.

  5. Mike Kelly may have saved the Avanti twice, but I'm not sure he deserves our thanks if this shakes out to be true.

    I know I don't want the Avanti associated with a fraud or someone who built the company on stolen money!!!! I'm pretty sure those who lost money will not be to fond of the Avanti, and I'm not to sure it won't damage the marque.

    Trust me, I hope this is all one big misunderstanding and Michael Kelly is innocent.


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