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  1. Ron, Geoff, it was great talking with you in Warwick and seeing the car in person. I really appreciate being able to see such an important piece of Avanti history ( I should have joined Avanti ltd. a few years earlier!) and being able to sit in the driver's seat!


  2. new blood is always healthy in an organization. Young blood ain't bad either. i will say that the number of 30- and 40- somethings on the board while I served was good to see ( being in that demographic, I think SDC would benefit from the same). Having a 20- something want to serve on the aoai board is a great sign for the future!


  3. I'd imagine the stude and avanti II harnesses are quite similar. Call Studebaker's West - they make wiring harnesses for all studes.

    I spoke at length today with Dan, a really fantastic individual, he sells a reproduction harness for the Avanti II's, but he is currently out of stock. It may take up to 6 months for him to get new stock. I can't wait that long. So I guess, I'll just have to build my own wiring harness. Did it once before for my 1950 Commander Star Light Coupe. But it is a PITA.

    George Wendell

  4. John Seaton has the 3M film on the front of his 2001 - professionally installed - and it looks great ( as seen in South Bend last summer)! You truly can't tell it's there from a distance. I read somewhere, though, that it can't be easily removed once applied - not that that is a concern. The installed price is more than a removable bra, but less than a paint job ...


    Since I can't figure out how to place a link on this BB, you may have to just copy & paste this link. It is what I'm planning to do when my Avanti's exit the shop.

  5. Phantom Studebaker recently started offering bra's for the 87-89 and 2005-2007 Avantis. You might contact them to see if they have a pattern for the chrome-bumpered cars. www.phantomstudebakers.com . I got one for my wife's 06 and it's of good design and quality.


    I've seen two different designs (round and square headlight type) with two different methods of installation. I've owned each and still have one for my '70. One is definitely easier to install than the other. I don't know who originally made and sold each...the one from years ago wasn't that good a design...the top edge would flap in the wind and beat against the paint ahead of the hood line. I had to run bungie cords through it and attach them under the hood to keep that from happening.

    The one I have now is a better design...goes on fast and doesn't flap in the wind. Again, I have no idea who manufactured it...I bought it several years ago off Ebay.

    You might try Studebaker International...I believe they used to sell them. Maybe they might have one or two still still floating around or possibly a good used one. There's other vendors as well to try.

    Maybe someone here might have one to sell. If nothing else, maybe a good upholstery shop can fabricate one for you.

  6. And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and Lydia - and all the other Avanti people out there!


    quote name='Twnchgr' date='Nov 21 2007, 10:00 PM' post='3370']

    Happy Thanks giving to All of you. May you have a joyous and safe Holiday. Karl :D

  7. they sold off most or all earlier this year. Four of those were at the South Bend meet in June. The new issue of Avanti magazine has an article about the last two sold ( to a father and son) in late May / early June.

    Supposedly the factory is shut down and everyone let go. At least one member has said the dealer in Atlanta is shut down as well. From the government's case against Mike Kelly and others it's alleged that Avanti Motors was the beneficiary of illegally obtained funds. So for the time being it appears until things are resolved in some way Avanti Motor Corporation is in limbo.

    I wonder if the government can operate Avanti Motor Corporation...the precedent exists...the government operated that brothel in Nevada when they seized it for back taxes. :wacko:

    If (and where) there's any unsold cars left is a big question mark.

  8. Tony, did you have any luck with this? The 89 convert I sold earlier this year needs BOTH windows mechanisms replaced (???). I had asked the factory a few years ago and was told this was from a Renault Alliance...

    thx, Jeff

    Hi Wayne thanks for your reply any and all help most welcome, I have some idea that the rear quarters are from a Chrysler possible Lebaron or Aires convertible. Tony.
  9. The Rodger Ward Avanti that was at the meet last week had them. Here's the best picture I could find


    Stude Intl had a set for sale at the swap meet ( not sure if they sold). they were pricey.



  10. we recently sold our 89 to one of my wife's friends. 2 weeks later the windows are having problems. cleaning the switch contactors worked on one - I need to pull the door panel off for the other side to see why it appears to be hanging up. Thanks for mentioning taking the switches apart - I may not have looked at them closely enough to see that they are indeed cleanable!


    This is such fun...Worked on windows again today. Found that a set of contacts are sticking. In the relay intermittently?? Just give it a light tap and they work. Go figure.
  11. in mid-February, they offered a handful of 06's for $45k and 07's for $55k. I'm not sure if any of those are left - but there was a report on another chat that they'll be bringing more cars up from Cancun, including some V6 coupes.

    If you cangetb through to someone in Atlanta, it should be safe to put a deposit down and quickly pick up a car. Based on Marc U's comments on his 07, I'd recommend a visual inspection for missing items ( his was a hood latch).


    [What is the status at Avanti Cancun?

    I was trying to get my son to buy a new Avanti.

    Is it safe to put down a deposit.

    Are there any cars on the showroom floor for sale that you can drive home?

    How much did you end up paying with their firesale discounts?


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