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  1. I have a 1969 Avanti that I would like to have an electric release added to.  I would like one that has a remote control.  I would like this as something that I could use all of the time and also in case the cable release fails as I am disabled and cannot use the hatch on the rear parcel shelf.  Any suggestions as to what to buy and if this is even possible?  Thank you.

  2. On 2/11/2022 at 1:26 AM, Leo B said:

    Hi DaveDee, I have not Tightsteer but I understant that the meaning is not to repair worm gear which is in bad condition. I have learned that Tightsteer works so that the adjusting screw has a suspension that allows better contact over a wide range. Like to buy one. Before that lot to do with my project.
    I suggest you open your Steering Box and check condition.

    Thanks for your suggestion.  I am disabled so it will be my mechanic who will do this.  He has found other problems that he will address first.  There are some who think the Tightsteer is a bad idea for my car but I guess we will see.

  3. On 1/8/2022 at 10:42 AM, Desert Driver said:

    My '71 has a vertical rocker switch on the dash panel (low and high wiper speed). In the center of the switch is a button that activates the windshield washer. I have an inline pump and a FoMoCo reservoir bag (gotta get a Stude bag). As far as the blades go, I replaced the bayonets with the correct silver ones). Easy find at NAPA. If this helps, I can post some pix for ya. 

    I just have a round knob that activates the wipers.  There is a hole in the center of the cowl that I assume may have been where the washers would have been located.  If you can post pictures and a further explanation it would help me.  I haven't had a car this old in decades and really can't remember about the wipers.  Should I be able to get refills for my wipers?  I have wipers on my 1990 Mustang that I can get refills for.  Thank you so much for  your information.  Sorry for my slow reply but I thought I would get an email notification every time someone posted.

  4. 18 hours ago, pantera928 said:

    Wiper blades are like asking people which paint color you like best. I have tried several different brands and still have no favorites.

    THere should be a washer

    I am not interested in brand but just what number of a brand or brands to look for.  I cannot find exactly what to buy and have found most "name" brands to be acceptable.  So hopefully you can send me in the right direction.  If there should be a washer then I will assume that it was not an option and someone must have removed it along the way.  How was it triggered?  Thank you for your help.

  5. I recently purchased a 1969 and cannot find information on what replacement wiper or wiper refill to use.  The wiper is very short about 15 inches I think.  Also should the car have a windshield washer?  Sorry if this has been answered but I could not find anything on this site.  Thanks!

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