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  1. I wish my 1980 could have a similar stance.๐Ÿ˜
  2. If mine ever looked that bright, i would not change them either. Not sure how you got there but red LEDs were not the bright from Superbright and I am not running white LEDs that are barely adequate at night. And mine are not dirty
  3. Does your car have a chrome diamond shaped piece in the center of the cowl panel between the hood and the windshield? This should be the squirters for the windshield washers.
  4. Wiper blades are like asking people which paint color you like best. I have tried several different brands and still have no favorites. THere should be a washer
  5. I called Dan Booth at Nostalgic yesterday with a quick question about installation of a part i bought from him. After 75 minutes, we ended the call as my phone was about to die on low battery. All I can say is what a nice guy and a wealth of information. I learned things about my car and maintenance of it that I could not have learned in years on my own. So glad we have people like him as a resource for Avanti owners like us.
  6. THe receiver dryer on my 1980 is in the front right corner of the engine compartment. Next to the radiator overflow bottle
  7. No adjustment left? Are you staying stock?
  8. Adam Thanks for sharing what you went through. It will save others. How well does your system cool on a hot day now
  9. My press always makes those jobs easy๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. I heard that the 4th that was not finished was being built for someone in Europe with a 6 banger in it instead of a V8.
  11. Regarding condensers for an Avanti, I do not know of a source. When I do oddball cars like Avantis, Alfas or Porsches, I just measure the old one and find a new one of similar size. Sometimes even on Ebay. Then I adapt brackets to mount it securely. As long as the size is about the same and the inlet and outlet are in roughly the same position, most will work. I usually have the hoses made by a local shop that makes hydraulic hoses. You might try ACparts.com or oldairproducts.com I have used them both.
  12. Well, I have done a few retrofits. Not on Avantis but on other cars of that era. I have never replaced the evaporator nor seen the need. Compressor, Condenser, Expansion valve, hoses and O-rings. On one car, I added a higher volume fan in the passenger compartment and some, electric pusher fans in front of the condenser.
  13. Very nice! What do you plan to do to the steering?
  14. Well, I never would have guessed there. I thought that would just show what you already had. Thanks
  15. Do any of you know what these rankings on this forum mean? I cannot find anywhere what one means versus another. Not a big deal. Just curious to know. I do not see anyone with a rank of 14 or whatever the highest is supposed to be. Thanks
  16. You beat me too it. That is what i was going to suggest. Happy New Year
  17. Thanks. That is what I figured. After the body and the drive train, pretty much anything goes
  18. https://www.studebaker-info.org/Tech/Bhend/Powerwindowrep0313.pdf
  19. Hey Ron I can supply a wiring diagram but that is about all. It could be anything from Bad switch contacts to a window motor needing to be cleaned and/or dying. Easy to diagnose if I was with the car. Best of Luck Greg
  20. Thanks Bill Did you buy that car when it had a blown engine? Does it still have a 305?
  21. Interesting. Does it have Recaro seats as well? Do you have the build sheet and if so, does it mention leather for the door panels? Thanks
  22. Were any of the door panels on this series of Avantis ever leather like the seats or always vinyl? The armrest looks like it might be leather but the door panel, not so much. Thanks
  23. Were any of the door panels on this series of Avantis ever leather like the seats or always vinyl? The armrest looks like it might be leather but the door panel, not so much. Thanks
  24. In all my years of working on A/C, I have never heard it called anything but an expansion valve. Guess I learned something new๐Ÿ˜‰
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