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  1. Learning that half the voyage of owning an Avanti is finding the right parts. Im looking for the right axle seal for my 1970 Avanti II. I was going to have my local shop purchase and press on the wheel bearings and seals but they are having a hard time sourcing the seals. Anyone have a parts number or experience they can share. I put a call into Myer's Studebaker, they said they will look in their inventory to see what they have.
  2. @Gunslinger thanks for that. I’ll put a call into Myers today.
  3. Im baselining the rear end of the 1970 Avanti I have. I pulled the axles off and having my local shop press in the seals and bearings. I'd like to refresh the brakes while im there. Im looking at the Wagner Brakes PAB53 shoes and would like to replace the wheel cylinders at the same time. What over the counter or online wheel cylinders will work? Thanks in advance. Or is there an entire brake drum assembly replacement that will work?
  4. I think I found part of the reason the Avanti has a mean sway on freeway bumps, haha.
  5. Thanks @Jim78. The site wasnt loading on phone, thought maybe it was dead. Clear as day on the computer.
  6. Will do. Still would be great to know for future references.
  7. Looking to see if I can find a clear answer from people experienced with the Turner brake conversion. My brakes are quite squeaky and I would like to start by replacing the pads. I saw that some stated early model S10 truck pads work and others mentioned pads from 70’s el Camino’s will work.
  8. Found this shop and made a visit. The owners Avanti has unmodified suspension and it was night and day compared to mine. Much more stiffer with out the bounce.
  9. Looking for an AC bracket for a 1970 Avanti II, 350 v8 motor. Car was originally equipped with AC but was taken out at some point. Would be nice to find a used one to keep labor hours down.
  10. Also there’s a starter solenoid replacement unit which is interesting because the starter is starting to only spin with out engaging, 2 out of three times. Although this solenoid doesn’t look exactly what’s on the current starter. I’ll get into it this week. mom guessing because the solenoid is addressed to the first owner, the original starter was simply replaced by the second owner. Cool to have none the less.
  11. Took pictures of some of the extras that came with the car. The am/fm radio w/ cassette is cool but I’m keeping the og radio and going to see if I can modernize its internals. I may use the speaker replacements. Still working out what direction I’m going with the sound.
  12. Thanks @Gunslinger and @Avanti83 for those tips and info. Both front and back do rock when pushing down on the fenders. Totally understand that this is old tech. Im kind of comparing the suspension fatigue to my experience with an old Landcruiser I got back on the road a few years ago. I know its apples to oranges but after upgrading the shocks to new "foam cell" shocks and some fresh leaf springs the truck rode amazing compared to the stock leafs and shocks. I actually just got back from the Nursery with 4 1'cubic bags of cactus soil in the trunk and there was an improvement in ride, HA. I'll assess the kingpins and go from there. Thinking I'll order some coils and leafsprings from Avantiparts and talk to a few shops here locally about shocks.
  13. @Avanti83 Thanks. Most the bushings besides the those on the shocks look acceptable from what I could see. I'll have to get it up in the air to really see. The overspray on the leaf springs is a tell that they are original to the car. They look very flat and Im wondering what kind of arch they should have? On Avantiparts I'm seeing replacements for every corner. Curious if anyone has used these items and what their impression was. Im sure itll ride much nicer with fresh components.
  14. New hydraulic switch ordered. learning something new each day.
  15. Thanks. The hydraulic stoplight switch is the piece I highlighted in blue. Apologies for the newbie question, I’m on a learning curve. improper grounding would be more than the ground from the battery? Somewhere along the wires from the tail lights forward? thanks to all that chimed in and barring with me here. Love driving this machine so making it road worthy and semi safe is the goal. Took it to a cars and coffee meet here in LA and saw that there was a really nice Studebaker Avanti in red with black interior. Anyways... back to the regularly scheduled program.
  16. Brake lights weren't working this evening so i checked the fuse and it was bad. Replaced it. They kinda worked for a bit. A few pumps and they stopped working but the fuse looked fine. New to these majestic beasts and the work manual is enroute, what am I missing? Headlights, blinkers, running lights, interior lights and most the dash lights work. Reverse lights are hit or miss depending on where I have the automatic shifter at.
  17. @1inxs Beautiful. What rear view mirror do you have on the door there? Mine looks like it was added on in the 80's and I feel like its kinda a sore thumb for me.
  18. 1970 Avanti II and its a bit white knuckle on these Los Angeles freeways with the Avanti. Looks like it has some monroe shocks on there now. The car feels like a small boat as is hitting the woops and humps at freeway speeds. Tail wants to bounce one way and the nose wants to sway another. I was thinking of starting with just replacing the shocks but curious if there are any other upgrades that have been popular additions? thanks
  19. Interesting, thanks for that information. Might go both routes. Drove around all day today and loved the openness.
  20. Received my Avanti II yesterday and I’m planning on giving it a basic tuneup today or tomorrow. I’m pretty sure it’s running the Chevy 350 and 300 trans. Thinking of doing a coolant flush by draining the block via the drain plugs on either side of the engine and radiator, flushing with distilled water and using basic Preston coolant for final fill. Capacity is pretty straight forward, fill and run and top off as needed. The oil capacity is a slight mystery to me but based off a search in corvette forums and here I’m thinking 6 quartz will do. What kind of oil would you all use? The engine has 62k miles on it. I’m thinking straight dinosaur juice. I have Rotella 15w40 in garage from my landcruiser but that was a tractor motor with 200k on it and I’m wondering if it would be slightly too thick? In short, what oil filter and oil type say you? the cap, rotor, wires and plugs are all low mileage. The previous owner only put 5000 miles on it since 1984. Started regularly though. thanks in advance
  21. Thanks @Gunslinger I do like the look of the original low back seats but I do also want to road trip this car. It’s absolutely one of the funnest cars I have driven. I’ll keep an eye out for some used Recaro seats.
  22. The front seats on my 1970 could use some replacing. Any suggestions? It would be nice to replace with NOS(unlikely) or repops.
  23. Drove up north and back to finish the paperwork and arrange transport back down to LA today. Brought back boxes of the original parts that had been replaced from the car like the original disk brakes, og smog pump, a spare matching rim and a few odds and ends. Not sure if any of those decommissioned parts would be useful to anyone, I'll post them in the classified section when i get some time. Al also gave me a NOS starter solenoid and a radio from the 80's that was made for the Avanti. Although I like the looks of the stock radio, I may try to hide a bluetooth unit somewhere. We found the original registration from the first owner, Stanley Feuer. His wife Bunny mostly drove this car up until 1989 when she sold it to Al. We also found some polaroids too, pretty cool finds.
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