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  1. I am having a shop replace all the brakes on RQB1600 with a complete turner 4 wheel setup. I will be offering the original 1971 brake system, power booster and what not. The rear cylinders and the calipers have been rebuilt by Whitepost and are stainless steel sleeved. The brakes have approximately 4,000 miles on them. Accepting offers for all or parts..

  2. Has anyone converted a open rear axle to a twin-traction/Positraction. RQB1600 is currently in the restoration shop, and I am considering converting the existing open rear axle to a Posi unit. The rear axle is a Dana 44, with flanged axles. What type of posi (brand) did you use., What issues did you incur, installation, operation, performance. Existing rear end ratio is a 331:1. What was the cost of the unit. I wish to keep the existing ratio. Also, the rear axle bearing retainer on RQB1600 is welded to the axle. Is this normal, or did someone in the past do this to prevent the axle from coming out of the housing?


  3. I took the 1998 convert. to an appraiser last Friday to satisfy my insurance company. He only charged me $145.00. Heck, right now I am paying that much each month for full coverage on the 1988. But, I am only paying $46.00 a month for full coverage on the 1971 Avanti. Anyway, while the appraiser was looking the car over, I lowered the top, outside temp was 60 degrees, very low humidity, (after all this is the desert), and I heard a loud cracking sound as the top lowered. Not a good sound, What could crack on a convertible top. Yep, right answer, rear window (plastic), Split right down the middle. Damn, what a bad time for this to happen. However it did not affect the appraiser in his report. The car appraised at $27,000.00. New rear window cost me $240.00. The 1971 goes to the repair shop next month for a minor restoration.

  4. Last month I purchased a one owner 1988 convertible with 27,574 original miles. The first thing I had done was to take the car to a quality shop and have all the fluids replaced, all lube joints lubed, new tires, replaced worn steering components, inspected all brake components (replacing those that were defective, and there were no bad components) replaced the A/C hoses and of course recharged the A/C. None of this came cheap, but I felt no fear taking the car on a 2 1/2 day, 1,882 mile trip home on the interstate in 100 degree plus temps.

  5. Well, I took the plunge and bought 1988 Avanti Convertible. RQB 1600 was getting lonely, sitting in the garage all by herself. So, the wife FORCED me to by the 1988. This car, vin 12 aav2227j1000253, had 27,574 original miles at time of purchase. It now has 29,584 miles on it. The car was purchased in Michigan City, Indiana from the second registered owner. It has never seen rain, snow, grave/dirt roads, or salted roads. Nassau Blue exterior, tan leather interior and tan top. I left Indiana on Monday (7-18) at 6:45 AM, and arrived home at 4:45 PM today. The only problems were a loss of power to the door windows, and a loss of Freon (96 miles from home in 106 degree temps.). Now to work on the problems, maybe I'll be enticed to repair RQB 1600.

  6. As an afterbthought. After The new engine/supercharger was installed in the Avanti, Henry (the owner, and 350 plus pounds) took the car to our local dragstrip. I do not recall the trap time or speed, but I do recall that I calculated that the engine had to be pushing in excess of 350 HP on pump gas ( Sinclair, high test).

  7. When I was working for our local Studebaker dealer in Pa., one of our customers had a 1963 R-2, 4 speed Avanti and he handgernaded the supercharger and the engine. Paxton sent us a replacement engine/supercharger assembly (under warranty). The original setup produced approx. 5 lbs of boost at 3500 RPM, the replacement could produce as much as 12 lbs of boost at 5,500 RPM. What the hell did Paxton send us ??

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