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    I recently wrote FITec about running their EFI on a supercharged 289, Their answer is below.


    We do have a 600 hp power adder unit the part number 30004. If you would like this as a master kit with a inline fuel pump kit the part number is 31004. This unit will work on any engine producing 200 hp to 600 hp. This system will work with power adders like a blower, supercharger, turbo, and nitrous.

  2. Gary:  I am building two R2 engines at this time, one to Europe and one to Massachusetts.  Some of the parts are a challenge but we have most of them and offers to buy what we don't have. Not making the switch but have purchased an Avanti for my own or maybe sell after a while. I am in the process of making a E7 pickup into a supercharged truck for fun. This will be my final restoration. Will concentrate on engines and transmissions. Age has prompted this move as it is getting harder to bend and twist in ways necessary to continue restorations. Anyway after 15 truck restorations I needed a change.


  3. Thank you guys, This information is helpful in that now I know Avanti did not all use the same engine numbering system. This is not an argument but we have R1/R2  cams ground to spec when needed. 

    Gary and MFG I think you might be on to something with the Allstate cars as this was red outside and black inside with Allstate tires. It is now owned by a fella who inherited it from his grandfather. I am only remanufacturing the engine and transmission with accessories. Yes he wants it to be an R2.

  4. Well I will take your word for it but with a grain of salt. Because from what I have seen and read Avanti used a different set of numbers that did not indicate the date of build. To your point R1/R2 camshafts are very easy to come by even today.  I would like to hear from other Avanti owners regarding their engine number to see if any other R1 engines used that configuration of numbers. It is interesting that this car was destined for South bend only, no dealer name, was this a local car used by administration? These are curiosities not points of argument.

  5. Thank you for the response. Perhaps I did not make a statement that was clear as to what my questions are.

    I understand from the Avanti books I have that Avanti engines began with R1001 or RS1001.  I am familiar with Studebakers numbering system. I am familiar with the heads and camshafts. The surprise is If Avanti engines began with 1001 in 1963 production  and I have a build sheet, corresponding to car number R5222 build on 8/30/1963, how is it that the build sheet says, and the engine number says RJ304?  The engine has been apart some time in its life. From all appearances it had rings and bearings installed. The engine that says RJ304 is a standard 289 with standard 289 parts including pistons and camshaft and camshaft gear.  Is it possible Studebaker installed standard a 289 engine built on September 3,
    1964 and marked it with an R to be placed in an Avanti? Or is this something that is beyond explanation?


  6. This question is from someone who has built Studebaker engines for several years, but has recently purchased and Avanti and have attracted several others to ask questions and have work done on vehicles that are rather new to me. It is my rather limited understanding, The R1 engine was labeled with an R and the number, R2 with RS and the number as it is shown on my build sheet. The build sheet on my car dated 1/30/63 with body number 63R3339. The car I am questioning has a build date of 8/30/63 with a body number of R5222.

    The engine number on 5222 turned out to be a standard 289 as indicated by the heads and the camshaft. It has an engine number of RJ304. It has been opened up and worked on by someone and converted to a standard 289. What I need to know is this an anomaly, or did Studebaker indicate Avanti engines with something other than R, R2 and so on.


  7. For $400 you should buy it. It is as has been mentioned a 259, but by the looks of the transmission it is a converted Power shift. Cannot be sure but the levers are in the proper position for a Power shift. It also has a truck Water manifold and these are getting harder to find. You would have a full flow block and it would be easy to install a  289 crankshaft and pistons and make it an R1 or R2..

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