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  1. Thanks all. Sorry for the delay, I've had some account log in issues. Yes, my 81 is definitely an 81 engine. Currently rebuilding the quadrajet to at least have the poor thing move around without stalling. 🙂
  2. Hey folks. wondering if any of you with 81 era 305 engines have a recommendation on a shop manual that most closely matches whats going on in the Avanti? Would something for the 81 Camero be close? Any advice on your favorite shop book appreciated. Is this one from Chevy below decent? Thanks!
  3. On my User Profile there is a "Your Avanti" section. I filled this out about a year ago as I was looking for one, and now I can't find any way to update this. 😞 someone must know. help a poor fool.
  4. Hey so I've seen some people complain that some replacement trunk seals are too stiff. any recommendations? i've seen a few at various prices but not sure which supplier might be the best? http://avantiparts.biz/trunk-seal-avanti-1963-to-1985/ https://www.studebakerparts.com/studebakerparts/store/s/agora.cgi?product=rubber7-rubbera&keywords=3177X3 https://collectorsautosupply.com/trunk-rubber-weatherstrip-seal-for-studebaker-avanti-63-68/
  5. The car is currently only "semi-drivable" in that it stalls at slow speeds, and I'm working on it. Getting locked out of it in the process is worrisome, but I'm just leaving the front quarter glass jimmied open right now. There are a host of little jobs on the list that have to be done in a certain order. In any event if I could get the car to a locksmith I wouldnt have any problem at all. Its just a little vexing that the documentation wouldnt contain the door codes. Anyway, no biggie, moving on.
  6. Hey thats great! But as a noob here, how do I access the magazine? I paid my membership, which I thought included access to the magazine, but how do I bypass the paywall of the JooMag popup? It keeps asking me to subscribe and pay for the magazine. 😞
  7. So, an update on the keys. The ignition key is a Chrysler Key, and the key codes provided a perfect fit. The "Trunk Key" code made me another Glove Box key (which I now have 3 of). Neither of the codes is for the doors. 😞 WHY did they think the glove box code was more important than the door code? So I have to pull a lock I guess. A next month project. stay tuned.
  8. For anyone in the future interested: the HIA antenna is short for HARADA INDUSTRIES OF AMERICA, which still exists. They also supplied power antennas for Porsche and Volkswagen among others. Harada Antennas are plentiful if you search for Harada and not HIA antennas. The precise model used in the Avanti is uncertain, but by appearances only seems to be FA-80A, but this is just a guess. My own antenna does not seem to have a model number on it anywhere to confirm. What is stupidly difficult is figuring out what specs are needed to replace the mast. All of the masts that are sold refer to "fits 1978 Chevy Blazer" or "fits 95-97 Camaro" but nothing obviously about Avanti's specifically, so not sure what anythings dimensions are that I should be trying to match. 😞 Maybe I need to head to a stereo installer and plead for help. I'm figuring buying a NOS version of the same unit would probably have a real brittle plastic riser cord by this point making it a short term solution at best.
  9. Wow, thanks! Your eyes were keener than mine, I didnt even notice the "A" in the brand name, I thought it said Hi Power not HIA Power. that makes all the difference. This totally helps and that eBay find is excellent. You've earned your two schillings for the day! Now, if you have any ideas about weather sealing for the SkyTop, you would shoot to the top of my best friend's list. 🙂
  10. Yeah, I know, this isn't my first car. But the manual specifically says there are four keys: Ignition, Door, Glove, and Fuel. And yes, nonetheless, I did try to see if the ignition key worked, and it does not. Not sure why they thought it was a good idea to add a different key, but there it is.
  11. Hi Guys. I just got the build sheet for my 81, for the express purpose of getting the door key code. The build sheet, however, has a box for Ign Key Number and Trunk Key Number. Nothing for the doors. My owners manual specifies that there are seperate door and ignition keys, as well as glove box and fuel cap keys, four total. Since my car has an electric trunk release, and no trunk key, I am *hoping* that the number in the Trunk Key box is actually a door key code? Anyone have any experience or advice on this? I currently have no door keys, and thought this would be the simplest way to get them, but again I am stuck.
  12. Thanks. The motor is called a "Power Hi Antenna" made in Japan, and does not have any other visible markings. googling that yields no useable results. I've seen the various "universal" ones, but figured I would troll around for someone who might have tried this before. Updates to follow.
  13. Okay, so I checked the seals more carefully and realize that after decades of being shut, they still *look* good, but they are totally squashed and have no "springiness" left. I had no idea they were even supposed to be a U-shape until I pried the two halves apart. So I'll pull and replace this seal and see what happens. Thanks guys. (this will be continued in a few weeks, as I have to embark on another unrelated project that will leave the Avanti stranded for awhile. Will resume pestering all of you after the middle of June. )
  14. Hi all. another in the endless series of questions: anyone replace the antenna mast of the power antenna in an 80's era car? Any idea what specific antenna would work? I've removed the motor and the antenna from the motor (it just slid out, rather surprisingly, but its all bent out of shape.) the motor works fine but if its easier/more advised to swap out the whole unit I'll do that. As usual any advice, leads or pointers welcome.
  15. Hi 1inxs. So the springs on the hinge do not provide any lift? And corollary, since you have an 81 just a few numbers from mine, do you know how/where to get the correct springs? I'm figuring they have to do *something*. the seals look like in good shape, but I'll check its snug adjustment. (snugness is adjustable?) 🙂
  16. Okay update to the above: I got it open, I guess the giant slot is what folks mean, and some kind of king kong screwdriver would trip the lever. BUT now that I got it open and tested it out, i'm not sure what is wrong. It unlatches great when nothing is in it. Also, if I unlatch it and someone pulls up on the trunk at the same time it opens fine. So... is there supposed to be some upward spring pressure? (there isn't as far as I can tell) thats all I can figure. the hinges are spring loaded scissor type things, and they hold the trunk up great. But as soon as you start closing, it falls like dead weight. there is no upward spring action at the closing position. Its a frustrating thing to try and diagnose without being a gnome who can sit in the closed trunk. Any advice here? thanks again.
  17. Hey folks. Does anyone have a photo of this "slot" thats supposed to be on the mechanism to manually open the trunk from the inside? I have poked around the whole mechanism and failed to fit a screwdriver anywhere that turns. I'm not generally stupid, but I'm stumped. My electric release was working fine, and then stopped working. it makes a sound, but does not unlatch. something is stuck or not fully engaged. I'm trying to get the screwdriver thing to work and feeling like an idiot. 😞
  18. Hi Wayne and Ed. thanks! I checked that cougar site, and it seems to be for ASC sunroofs. Are you saying the weather-stripping is the same for the ASC as for the Skytops? That Bob Johnson article is the same one I'm looking at! Mine is clearly separated from the roof, so thats one issue, and it drains into the cabin on the driver side by the door, as if the drain tube is disconnected or broken or? Not sure how to get to the drain tube itself to check it. ALSO: related question, per the article above, it seems JB Weld was the go-to adhesive, but this was all a couple of decades ago, so wondering if that is still the case, or if there are any newer better adhesives to consider? Since this seems to be a common failure. Wayne, you said you emailed me some material, but it has not arrived. 😞 Javier@Cinefont.com
  19. Hi there!  Saw your post!  I just got an 81 with a SkyTop that I need to re-attach and re weather seal.  Do you have a source for the weather seals?  And second, the go-to bonding agent for attaching the moonroof to the roof has been JB Weld, but is that still the best thing, or is there something new thats better?  I think mechanically the roof seems to work well except for having dropped down a quarter inch.  thanks for any advice on these.  Javier@CineFont.com

  20. Hi folks. Brand new Avanti owner here. Just got an 81 yesterday, and have 2 first orders of business: - no gas cap. I have heard that there are inexpensive Stant and NAPA ones for later Avanti's, but not sure if they are year or engine specific. Mine has the regular 305 engine. Any 81 owners with advice on gas caps? - i did not intend on getting one with a retractable sun roof, but I did. and of course it leaks like an indoor waterfall. Before I start tearing into it, does anyone have advice/source on replacement seals for this? i've heard that leaks are common. The motor seems to work fine. - Oh, and if there is any advice on car covers, I'm in the market for one immediately until some miracle makes room in the garage. I intend on having many questions as the year goes on! Hi everybody.
  21. Hi Anthony. I sent an email to you a few weeks ago wondering if this car is still around and if you could send more photos and info? Is this car currently a daily driver condition? has there been any additional work since this posting in July? I'm interested if its still around. Thanks! Javier@CineFont.com
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