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  1. I used Evercoat In 1984 on my 62 Vette. I glued the lower nose on, a few bonding strips and repairs. I still drive the car regularly it has lacquer paint and no cracks or issues of any kind. Highly recommended.  John C.

  2. Hi Folks, I am in need of a 3588s carb base and an R2 air filter housing. The base I have has been destroyed by electrolysis and the breather is long gone on this car. I am a serious buyer if anyone has a lead on these parts. Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks, John C.

  3.          I just wanted to compliment you on the beautiful work Ingenuity. Thanks for taking the time to share it with everyone. And I do love those wheels!

                                                                                                                                                                                    Thanks again, John C.

  4. Rons description agrees with the set up in my 63. A couple of things I might add. The fuse for mine is tucked up on the drivers side of the console where it meets the dash and the thermostat (left knob) also cycles the compressor clutch to adjust temperature while the fan runs continuously.    John C.

  5. If you decide to go with an old AFB top take a look at the 3721s.  These were about 62 thru 65 Chevy and Corvette carbs. They look very close to an R2 carb top, correct fuel inlet and no vent holes.They will have a 1518 casting number on top. It is almost identical to the top pictured on Bob Johnstones web page concerning R2 carbs. There is one small hole in the rear of the top you will have to address. The 3720s is also a possibility. I have not tried this but I have looked at these ( 3721s & 3725s Stude supercharged) side by side on my work bench and I believe the 3721s top can work with minimal modifications. You can find good photos of these on eBay so you can see what I mean. Good luck with your car and I hope this was helpful. John C.

  6. On 3/24/2020 at 8:21 AM, FoLola said:

    I have a good S/C core for sale right now. I also have a pulley and R2 carb bonnet. See Parts for Sale on this forum.

         For the current time I'm going to try to find a rebuilt unit if I can. If I don't have any luck and it is still available I will contact you. Thanks

  7. Hi and thanks for the reply, The engine is stamped with the correct number matching the production order. It has about 67k miles and has good compression.The lower pulleys are still on the engine but not any others. The supercharger was removed to add A/C before it had 50k on the engine and prior to 1984 when it was in LA. I will need to pull the engine and reseal it and the power steering assy., so I would like to do it all at one time.  Thanks again, John C.

  8. Hello everyoneI'm new to party here at AOAI and I could use a little help. I have played with cars for years but I recently purchased my first Avanti. I sent for it's birth certificate and found it was a superchaged 4 speed car originally. It is now an automatic transmission with no S/C. The engine is correct and runs well but I would like to find and install the blower. I would need the blower, mounting bracket, carb, air cleaner, bonnet, hoses, and I'm sure a few other parts. If anyone could help me source any of these items it would be greatly appreciated. If the Studebaker swap meet in May is still on I plan to attend and could make connections there. Thanks for any help, John C.

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