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  1. No grill. Aerodynamics that Rob less power. Less parasitic drag?
  2. Power brakes but they weren’t self energizing so maybe the booster?
  3. Nelson

    Avanti Space!

    Heat shields for re entry capsules. Space program.
  4. Correct. I guess reliability was paramount and running the blowers too fast was just not worth the risk.
  5. Did Studebaker use the high output blower pulleys at Bonneville in Oct 1963?
  6. Position of the Avanti emblem on the front.
  7. Drip rail standard equipment?
  8. Turn signal or running lights from white to amber?
  9. Color from red to maroon.
  10. Nelson

    Avanti Hood!

    Lower the frame to engine mount?
  11. You mean maroon not red? I thought 5640 was gold. Just simply remembering an ad for it thirty years ago but that was a long time ago and my memory isn’t always accurate anymore.
  12. The valve covers stayed chrome. The center valley or lifter cover went from chrome to black in 64.
  13. Nelson

    Avanti Pump!

    Black wrinkle finish.
  14. Nelson

    Avanti Hood!

    Cut the hood brace for hose clearanc
  15. Mike. Do you know what “A” number it might have been? If there was an A10 you would have to think there were at least nine others with the A prefix.
  16. I always heard it was fitment problems but I seem to remember a few had it added in the backyard.
  17. Nelson

    Avanti Gab!

    Probably disc brakes
  18. Nelson

    Avanti 63R1007

    i remember when #9 was for sale in Texas for, I believe, $8k. A ton of money in the 70’s. I think that’s when Hora bought it. I know george Krem performed service on it in the Chicago Area at a Stude dealership where he was working. I think Vince said it was for sale at that time.
  19. Nelson

    Avanti 63R1007

    I guess the earlier numbers were taken. Most were assigned by the forth digit of their serial numbers. At least the V8 non Avanti cars.
  20. Maybe sent to Paris?
  21. Nelson

    Avanti R4!

    I have seen one factory photo of an R4 engine compartment but don’t know where I saw it….probably the museum archives. Anyway, I was talking with George Krem about that photo and he had also seen it and in fact may have a copy. He is looking for it and will send a copy to me when and if he finds it. I’ll publish it here if it arrives. Are you certain it was one of the EX cars that got the R4 treatment? I speculated that it may have been 1016 since it had a R4 with the R3 setup when purchased from Paxton. Though it would make sense it was a South Bend engineering car.
  22. Nelson

    R2 Springs!

    End toward the center?
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