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  1. Well, believe it or not, this was intended as a genuine question. I see some saying red felt was correct but I can’t remember anything but black. However, I had an Avanti with a black felt that turned red with age. I always wondered how that would happen. An artist/photographer friend of mine explained that blacks contain a lot of red dye and wasn’t surprised that the black felt would fade to red. Anyone out there that really remembers red felt when the cars were young?

  2. 23 minutes ago, Dwight FitzSimons said:

    Some Paxtons have only a few holes while others have many holes, making clocking easier/possible.


    I think the extra holes you are talking about are for brand X mounting configurations.

  3. I don’t think you need to drill extra or different mounting holes. The Lark Paxton bolts on the Avanti bracket ok but the output hose would be in the wrong location. There are plenty of available threaded holes available so the back of the case gets rotated to fit the Avanti orientation. The dip stick location remains constant.


  4. I’ve never turned one over but don’t know why it wouldn’t work. in the old days I would flip starter ring gears to capture the unworn side so I’m up for anything to keep the cars on the road.. I also would try the epoxy first. Sand blasting to get rid of all the rust I believe is critical. I’ve even sand blasted disc brake calipers Bach in the day and epoxied them then sanded and honed. Never had a problem with that either.

  5. Yes, Elmer is correct and Factoryville, Pa also hits the right note.  Hard to believe a new Avanti only gets a second place at a national meet. Hell, his car was what every restored car is trying to be. I’ve seen this same thing before though. That’s one reason I never would bother having a car judged.

    Anybody know what happened to Elmer or the car?

  6. I’m sure I screwed up the spelling of Earl’s last name but l remember he had a 63 gold/tangerine 4speed Avanti with about 3500 miles on it a lonnnng time ago. Since we are all doing some reminiscing on Avantis from the past, I’m wondering what happened to Earl and what happened to that Avanti. Anybody remember the owner or the car?

  7. 15 minutes ago, Nelson said:

    A guess here but if it was just the suspension then 14. If you add the steering system then another 7 and if it’s power steering you add one more for the ram. Just a guess.


    But if you throw in U joints and clutch release bearing shaft and maybe more for stick shift cars it could be more. However, I think Im just missing a few somewhere in the suspension.

  8. On 12/2/2022 at 2:04 PM, Avanti83 said:

    Check out the pictures in post #29 of this topic. There may be more on Bob Johnstone's website where I found this one.


    Those photos answer a lot of questions, thanks for the tip. I also have a 64 Avanti with thin back buckets and would like to convert that one to the thick back style just because I like the looks a little better. I assume the horse shoe looking fiberglass panel in the prior mentioned article is all I need to make the conversion? Anyone know where those additional panels might be purchased?

  9. 15 hours ago, brad said:

    Nels,is that the 288 cam? The R3s I've had a hand in were quite streetable. They had the milder 276 cam. 

    Brad. I know it’s not a 276 cam and it sounds too radical even for the 288. I know Paxton was having the early experimental cams and the final ones designed at the same shop that was doing there Novi work. Normally I’d remember the name of the shop but my brain isn’t what is used to be. I’ll probably remember it as soon as I post this…or probably not.

  10. After several years, I finally noticed this discussion of my R3 Lark. I was also wondering how in the world Studebaker could sell a car that acted as bad as this one does when it’s cold? It would, however, smooth out when the engine warmed up. I was relieved to find out that this engine would not have acted this way in 1964 as the proper fuel was available at that time. Shortly after this video and with an empty gas tank , I put five gallons of 100 octane aviation fuel in the tank. The difference on the engines attitude was unbelievable. It will now start easily when dead cold or even after a lengthy winter storage. It idles smooth and acts like a regular car.

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