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  1. Sorry I’m not that tech savvy. I will have my kid help me to load pic of connector so you can see it. The guy at NAPA tried to cross it to the Duralast part no., but nothing came up with the correct connector. He looked at several other GM switches but no match. The part in the column was fine. I could manipulate the switch by hand but it would not change settings. 
    no problems since I substituted the foot dimmer, changes hi to low beam no issues. 

  2. Switched to high beams the other day (took a couple of clicks to get them to change. Tried them again this time they are stuck on high beam and the relay gets hit and shuts the lights off. I am guessing the switch under the column is the problem. Has anyone changed this switch, not sure what’s involved to remove and replace this. 

  3. I’ve always been a diamond in the rough kind of guy, if it runs and drives I’m a sucker. You should see my 66 Impala convertible had it five plus years put about 10,000 miles on it, cosmetically not a gem but looks like it should be in a junk yard somewhere, my wife did not ride in it the first four years I owned it lol. My point is if it’s in your price range and you like it why not. Life is short you might as well enjoy it. Lol

  4. Front wheel bearing failure 😢

    lost a front bearing the other night on the highway. I had a problem of a caliper overheating and it must of compromised the bearing. It welded itself to the spindle. I bought a pair of used spindles of eBay just in case. Going to try to cold chisel the race off the spindle. 


  5. I just want to thank Jim for his outstanding customer service. I bought the conversion kit for my 81 a couple of months ago and had problems with one of the calipers freezing up. I wanted to make sure it was the caliper and nothing else before I called to ask for a replacement. The lapse of time from when I bought the kit and when I called him was about a month. What a stand up guy no questions no B/S just I’ll send a replacement out today. It arrived priority mail in a couple of days and car is back on the road. If all companies stood behind their product like Jim we would never hear the horror stories of bad product and worse customer service. 

    I had a bad experience with the convertibleTopguys.com last year 950.00 top kit that didn’t fit. They refused to honor the warranty and it was my fault for storing it improperly over the winter. It was in my heated basement. Never buy anything from these guys.

  6. I know what you mean. I bought mine in Aug. 18’ and the first day I drove it around my hometown someone wanted to know if it was for sale. I’m sure after you have it all done you won’t part with yours either lol. Best of luck and happy motoring.

  7. You bring back fond memories of my 57 Commander. My sister and her husband were stationed at Sumter AFB SC in 1974. I talked my Mom into road trip over Christmas vacation so I could by an old car, amazingly she agreed and off we went in a 73’ VW Bus. To make a long story short I bought my Commander from a retired gentleman for 400.00 cash because that’s all I had, and he saw how excited I was. He asked me where I was from, when I told him NH and I was going to drive it back he laughed and said you can keep the plates. I still have the plates but the car is long gone. Lol

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