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  1. My 84 was converted to 134a and now does not work anymore. It actually never worked well with the 134a anyway.

    I will have to change the Evap Valve now. It's located in the console and looks a bit involved.

    R-12 is still available, albeit expensive. But, it cools better and is what our systems are designed for.

    Are you really sure you want to change it out? 


  2. Interesting problem - When I bought this Blake Avanti, I had trouble getting the key out of the Ignition. You had to play with the floor gear selector to get it to release the key.

    Now, I seldom get the key to release. If I can, it is after entering a pitched driveway.

    I tried adjusting the shift linkage with no improvement. I hate to tear into the steering column with no experience.

    Could this also be a broken rear motor mount?

    Anyone have any experiences with the GM Steering Columns?

    I'd appreciate any advice.



  3. I was changing the thermostat on my stock 1984 Avanti 305 (it was stuck open). Given the age of the plastics, I broke the Ported Vacuum Switch on the thermostat housing and found a replacement:

    Napa 2-29031 shown in the photo below.

    I hope this information may be saved to help someone down the line.



  4. Lou:


    Thanks for reply. It's nice to see the forum active.

    This explains why these wheels are not common. I will say, that the Avanti Emblem is not a sticker, but a plastic insert that they must have made for these cars.

    I love the way these wheels look on the car.

    Anyone else have these wheels?




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