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  1. One huge problem in cooling problem is the open bottom of the fan shroud.  This creates a leak of fan vacuum draw from the radiator.   This winter I plan to make a mold to create continuance of the shroud radius around the bottom out of fiberglass to maintain the fan vacuum draw through the radiator.  I intend to make it a simple bolt on piece.  This should aid cooling during stop and go traffic and parades etc.  As it is currently a significant air draw leak.  I am doing this even though mine does not get hot.  I just want as much draw as I can pull through the radiator so that the ac condenser in front of it is more efficient during stop & go.  

  2. I just replaced all of the hoses on my tank and found where the vent line rubber hose where it passes in front of the fuel tank was crushed flat.  Likely from the back seat and time.  Previous owner had installed an electric fuel pump and my guess is that was done to try to compensate for what had to be a hard to draw fuel from tank.

  3. Move your wires around the cap in either direction to make clearance from the vac pot.  Move the distributer base in the same direction you move the wires.  Then set the timing again.  The base does not really care where it is positioned, make it have clearance  and adjust timing accordingly

  4. I had just purchased a Bowden cable with a nice chrome handle on the end on Amazon.  After cutting the external sheath to the correct length I used a cable "B" nut from Aircraft Spruce.  Bend the excess internal cable over (90 degrees) after the "B" nut for a safety against ever slipping.  

  5. Does anyone maintain a list of the crossover parts list for the Cafaro cars.  It took me a a while to determine the quality window motor gears made of steel are AC Delco 19251639, or ACD 11P34.  The Dorman's break quickly as the gears are pot metal.  I just am curious if anyone has built a list of the crossover parts for these cars?

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