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  1. 19 hours ago, Avanti83 said:

    You could do the 66 for much less. Hiring it done adds up quickly.

    Rebuilt 700R4 - $1100 or so

    Driveshaft - $200

    TV cable & lockup switch $150

    You can modify your rear mount for free and the radiator should have trans cooling already.

    You can use your shifter but to select the lowerst gear you may need one off Ebay. -  $100

    Find a good used 700R4/4L60 trans for less and save more money.

    What shifter do you use? What exactly is the "tv" cable??

  2. Good Morning, I ended up with the '66- really like it, its in pretty good shape. I think its got a semi built 327 so its peppy, its really begging for an overdrive transmission though. Tach' s 3100 at about 65 with 3.54 posi rear end. Your cars are very nice and you drive them alot it which is cool. I would really like to put some fat tires on the rear but that might be a challenge.


  3. Thank You- still trying to figure out which chevy engine it has. Can't see the numbers on the back or the front. Exhaust manifold numbers match up to 327. I took it out yesterday and stomped on it - Revved to 7K chirped into 2nd and took off. WOW! The previous owner passed away so info was very limited.

  4. Thank you, you’re car is sweet. A friend of mine owned this car and has since passed away. It has a modified 350 not sure which one as i can’t find the numbers on it.and not much info was passed on to me.  The 327 came with it just haven’t got it yet. I want to do the turner upgrade as well as the trans it’s taching 3K on the freeway. 3.54 rear end. 


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