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  1. Ive been trying to tellĀ  from my vin # which is 63R-01012.can any body help

    I believe this means yours was the 12th one made..... except for the 0 in front of the 01012, which is not normal to me. I have only seen 4 digit #'s after the letters. 1001 was the first one made from my understanding of the numbering system.

    John R. Creek

  2. Can anyone tell me how many 1963 R2's were actually manufactured...? I own one and have given it a full body off restoration and kept everything as original as practical. Would also like to know how many are known to be left as "registered" with AOAI. I am a member of AOAI and enjoy very much all of the available information concerning Avanti's through out their long and interesting history. Thanks for any replies.....

    John R. Creek

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