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  1. Thanks for all the great sensible suggestions and nice comments. A Paxton would be nice, but I don't hear of those lying around anywhere. Kennie, thanks for the email. I replied today. Do you have a Studebaker Avanti as well? I'm not a mechanic, but I intend to maintain that Avanti as best as I know how. My brother is a purist, but I like old cars that will burn rubber. Besides my car used to be white with a black interior. I will be weighing my options inbetween my family and work. Keep them coming if you can think of anything else. Thanks much. Dan

  2. I had both back windows out of the '63 Avanti. I had a broken hinge that was riveted to the window frame which required taking everything out on the one side. I'll get to the other side. I didn't know how to tackle the problem. I have a 90-year old friend who volunteers at the aerospace museum in Balboa Park in San Diego. I had recently watched an interesting episode on repairing vintage planes on television. A lot of their repairs required riveting. I took my window out and actually took it to our Studebaker meeting thinking one of the old timers would know how to fix it. Jim, my 90-years young friend was there that day. He asked me if I wanted it fixed, and I said sure. He left with the window. He brought it back and it was hinged on backwards. I went back to the aerospace museum with him and a big box of doughnuts. The same fellow drilled it out and fixed it while I waited. I was tickled pink. I could not find any new rubber gaskets in the country, so I used the used ones. The window snaps right back in place like it should. I only hand-wash my car with drip towels inside. Now with the other window. I had a couple of scratches that bothered me on the chrome stainless pillar between the front and back window and thought I would shine it up and try to get the scratches out. I'm embarrassed, but I was using a dremmel polisher. I rubbed off the finish and had to get a replacement. In order to the put that chrome piece back on, you have to take the back window out. Everything turned out pretty good, and I like to have them open on nice days. By the way, you can see my Avanti on You Tube. It's under Studebaker Avanti Road Trip. That was for my brother, Randy who had the car for about 30 years. Like the forum. This is my first time, and I know I can learn a lot about my car. Dan Boone

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