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  1. I took the battery out to see why there was a piece of wood in the battery "well" or compartment and noticed that without the wood piece a standard battery does not seem to fit and that the compartment has an irregular shape.  Whoever put the wood base in mounted it with a 2 inch base and then a wood irregular shaped top to match the angles in the upper portion of the compartment.  This made a level base for the battery to sit on an angle to fit the space.  They then tied a string around the battery and the wood looping it through a nearby  hole in the fiberglass.

    Is there a battery that will fit the original opening?  Is there a battery way to anchor the battery?  I can replicate the wood platform and 2 inch base if I have to out of something else but would like suggestions on alternative installations, battery sizes and anchoring.c

    Thank you.

    A83 Kevin

  2. Thanks everyone - the interior is actually in real good condition and is leather - I have been using leathers  due  to fix a few spots and their products for cleaning are great also.  So I am probably going to just leave it.  


    Appreciate the comments.

  3. A friend of mine has a problem with his 1984 Avanti - he says when the car is hot sometimes it will not start and sometimes for  twenty minutes-  then it will start right up _ mechanic cannot find the problem - could it be the starter itself? Fyi if you see the Avanti weather vane in the latest Avanti magazine that is his 

    Thanks A83

  4. I just put the magnum 500 spinners on my 83 and made sure they were bolted tight. I made sure all the spinners were in the exact same alignment on each wheel so they all looked the same.  Then when I pulled the car into the driveway expecting all the spinners to be in the same alignment they are different - did I do something wrong? I want to make sure I get this right before I put the Avanti Medallions on.

    Appreciate any advice and thanks.

    A83 Kevin

  5. Thank you.  I called Meyers and they said they have a few left around twenty or so if anyone is interested.

    I believe they are the black lettering with the light background in the first picture and cost $3.00 each.

    Thank you all again.

    Kevin A83

  6. I emailed the contact us and got a response from the editor that they don't think it can be changed by users. You  need to contact them and they will change it. 

    editor@aoai.org or just hit the contact us and tell them what y o u want 



  7. I tried edit my own profile just to see what the problem might be - you would think the my Avanti section would be there to edit - if no one has the answer for you today scroll down and hit the contact button to ask 

    Sorry I couldn't help

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