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    Both fans in my 83 won't work.  I recently installed a new battery and detailed the engine with Ultra Lustre which degreases but leaves a protective film so don't know if I messed something up.

    When I lived in CT ( now in Florida so can't go back to the mechanic) the fan would short out when I put the air conditioner on.

    Could not find the short so The mechanic put some sort of relay switch in which would restart the fan when the a/c switch shorted it.  It has been working fine for a long time but now when I start the car neither fan works and one fan tries to start but then shuts immediately down.  The other fan  doesn't start at all. Specifically it seems to short out when I turn on the temp control switch.

    Any thoughts? 

  2. See my corrections regarding the sizes.  I goofed up.  Will try to see if I can link up some pictures and links.  Have to figure that out.  Wife should know.  

    Thanks Wayne you have been a great help.  I did get The terminal adapter you linked in earlier post.



  3. Well, back from Advanced Auto and Auto Zone.  Egg on my face!  Both places confirmed the battery bolt size on the new battery is a metric size M6-1.0 not the 3/8" the person from Battery Web told me.  Plus my existing battery bolt is a 3/8" .  So in the meantime I bought a top to side conversion terminal with a 3/8" thread which will fit the existing bolt.  Advanced Auto had a pair, Auto Zone does not carry them in the store but I think you can order them online.

     End result for now, I will put the Odyssey top post converter on then use the new terminal to reconvert to a side post.  It looks like it all fits pretty well except the washer on the existing cable end which is about 7/8" across is slightly larger then the bolt and of the conversion terminal which I hope is not a problem. Wouldn't have gone through this if the battery did fit so well.  Once done will take it to a mechanic to get it looked at because I have to take the car in to get some other stuff checked out anyways. 

    Thanks for all your help and thanks for listening to all my posts.  Hope I can help you all someday.


    Kevin A83



  4. Okay battery fits nicely BUT it has 3/8 inch recessed thread on each side on top so essentially it is a side post on top..  The bolts for my side post cables look to be 5/16" ( crude measurement).  I would like to adapt to without changing the cables as the battery fits so well.

    1.  The battery came with top post adapters so maybe I can put them on and the get a top post to side post adapter  but would need a 5/16" threaded end to accept the rounded insulated rubber cable ends and bolts.

     This sounds the easiest right now and I still want to hook up a set of pig tails so I can hook up a charger. 

    2.  Maybe I can find a double threaded reducer battery bolt with a 3/8" thread and 5 /16" thread and still use the existing cable ends if they make these for batteries.and the rounded insulated ends fit properly on the 5/16" end. This eliminates the top post adapters.

     3. I tried to see if the existing rounded insulated end  battery cables would cover the new battery holes and then use a washer and put the new 3 /8" bolts in the 5/16" opening but don't know if  it would seat properly and if cutting our shaving some of the insulated existing ends to fit the new battery configuration  would work without causing some safety or electrical problem  - otherwise this would be ideal. I would have to use a longer bolt to set up the pig tails.

    Sorry if I am running you guys ragged with this but any thoughts? I

    On my way to auto zone to see what they have.


    Kevin A83


  5. Thanks again -  appreciate all the help.

    I have been emailing back and forth with a guy named Mike from Battery Mart (found them online).  He said that the Odyssey batteries require a 6 amp charge in order to keep them topped off (fully charged).  He recommended a Schauer Charge Master. CM6A  automatic charger which can be left connected to the car when not in use and it will not hurt the battery. He seems very knowledgeable and leaves detailed email explanations which helped  me understand.  The Schauer can also be used to charge at 1 amp and 4 amps so it can be used for other types of batteries as well. Their price is $54.95.

    ,Also their battery prices look very competitive but check the return policy with any company you deal with.

    Per Odyssey, The Odyssey  battery is designed to accept a charge even when it is drained pretty low. If it gets too low or has not been routinely charged back to hear of full capacity ( which causes it to deve!op sulfate oxide) it can be difficult to recover. This is when you can try to use another battery to get the Odyssey up to 11.5 volts and then switch to a suitable charger.  Odyssey has a detailed explanation on how to do this on their website. I am just repeating what I read.

    The Schauer charger is also a desulfator.

    Battery came today and I will see if it fits tomorrow.  Too tired to get ticked off tonite if it doesn't.

    Thanks again everyone.

    Ps.  I am trying to replace a dual bolt ( 1/4" bolt ) power distribution block (junction block)that has some cables attached to it that power the fan.  This is probably peculiar to my car but just in case anyone is looking I found one online at Del City.  Could not find them at local auto parts stores. My original works but looks pretty sad and the covering is broken.


  6. Wayne 

    never owned an Odyssey before thanks for the heads up.  I jumped at the battery because of the size fit. Do you mean it has to be parallel wired if it is fully discharged and you have to connect it to another battery? Does that ruin the other battery? 

    If  not fully discharged can I use a battery fender on it?  I also have a battery charger that can do a slow precondition charge _ will that work if it's run down?I



  7. Thank you everyone.  I looked up batteryweb per Wayne C and they recommended an Odyssey 925.  It is 26 pounds 7.1 inches wide by 6.70 long so it should fit in the 8 x 7 space.  Height is 5.1 so should be no problem. They have many sizes and batteries and said the battery will work in any position except upside down and should be strong enough for the car. Now that I am thinking about it I hope the recessed threads are 3/8" .  

    Will let you know how it went when the battery comes in.

    Then will have to get a battery tray and/or anchoring mechanism.

    Thanks again.


  8. Thanks to you both.  Do the side terminal ends screw into the top post do verters?  Also is it difficult to install new cable to the starter and the negative _ is there just one connection for each end? I am not real knowledgeable here? 


    Footer is you battery standard size? Mine won't fit the space and go to the bottom of the battery well and the fan cowl gets in the way




    Thanks - Kevin


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