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  1. Looks like the shudder problem was a combination of bad plugs and a worn control arm bushing.  Engine runs fine but detect a shimmy in the front end when  driving which gets worse when I decelerate  especially in the low gears (auto trans).  Does this week plausible? 

  2. A mechanic told me that the hissing sound is not the brake booster but a vacuum hose connected with the cruise control switch - anyone ever heard of this?  And are cruise control switch available for the 83. 





  3. I found some loose lug nuts and tightened them up.  Took for a test drive and the railroad tie feeling diminished but not gone.  When I came back from the test drive, one lug on rear driver side wheel was loose and retightened.  Now it seems to vibrate at around 20 miles an hour when I accelerate but shudders noticeably when the car starts to decelerate at around 20 miles an hour.  Did not highway test it yet.

    Any more thoughts?

    Appreciate any help.



  4. Thank you both - near as I can tell when I put it in neutral and rev the engine while driving the car, it does not happen.  Seems to be when I have it in gear (automatic transmission) starts at about 15 mph.  Not sensing anything from the suspension.  Wondering if drive shaft might also be a possibility in addition to the torque converter.  I have been having problems going through several new brake boosters and each one keeps hissing  as the current one is / also new brake lines out in recently.  Could the brakes be engaging due to the brake booster?  




  5. Now my 83 Avanti shudders when driving.  No problem when I rev the engine in neutral or going in reverse.  Only when in gear. It is like I am driving over railroad ties.  Sometimes real bad sometimes not as severe but dreadfully noticeable.

    Any ideas? 


    Thanks A83

  6. I can't seem to find a brake booster anywhere for my 83 Avanti which now has a 350 ci engine if that makes a difference. Plus I don't have an original to trade in.  Does anyone know which one will fit this car?  I am going crazy with this.


  7. Long story but I don't have my original brake booster to trade in.  Plus the ones they keep putting in my car from a Buick I think work for a few days and then get that hissing sound and they tell me the seals are shot.  Anyone know where I can just purchase one outright that will fit ? 


    Thank you. 



  8. Update - now the mechanic is telling me the Jeep Motor for the power window does not match up to the regulator.   Something about the year sizes being different .  Any advice?  

    Also, they said they were able to get the power window motor workIng but the regulator is broken.   Any place I can get a regulator?  

    Thanks.  This is getting frustrating. 

  9. Thank you - the hinges are a bolt mount from outside and look pretty strong - can’t feel any bolts on the other side but not sure .... 


    thanks again I was referring to the hinge bolts that bolt the hinge inside the front engine compartment as the body guy was wondering what was behind the opening - like bolts or bushings 

  10. Just came back from any auto body shop to get a paint touch up estimate.  He noticed the right side hinge was separating from the hood.  Any advice on if I  need new hinges and if there are hidden bushings or anything? The hood is now off center  when closed meaning it fits tight to  the body when closed in some places and wide in others.  Also when opening, it's loose enough to catch the nose and chip the paint. 

    Any advice on how this should be fixed in case there are any hidden parts I need to get or tell the Auto body guy about would be appreciated.  

    Thanks very much.

    Kevin A-83

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