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  1. During the 1970s &-1980s, I worked part time at a shop that primarily worked on Studebakers. At that time (especially the 1970s), there were few 1960s Studebaker show cars. Most 1960s Studebakers were still in regular use.

    For Avantis, I remember being involved in brake exchanges, frame changes, engine changes, etc.

    At that time, Avanti brake parts were not common and were getting expensive. There were no aftermarket conversions readily available. Owners usually wanted a simple and cheap way to drive their Avantis. This resulted in changes to compete brake systems and engines. These parts were usually sourced from very rusty donor cars (NYS). This resulted in Avantis with drum brakes and 259 & 289 (non-R) engines.

    Was the Avanti in question ever in NYS? I can't imagine that our shop was the only one keeping Studebakers, particularly Avantis, on the road that way.

    Of course, this sounds ridiculus now, but it wasn't under the circumstances of the time. Quite a good Avanti was about $2K at that time and many Studebaker people drove them in the Winter because of the fiberglass body, not thinking of the frame and torque boxes.

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