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  1. I hope that you realize that this sticker does not apply to the early 1987 Avantis.
  2. And I thought that you were making the switch from Studebaker trucks to Avantis. You know that it will take a lot to make it an R2. Do you or the Avanti's owner have all of the bits and pieces necessary? If you and the owner do not mind, where (approximately) is this Avanti (owner) located?
  3. This was probably part of the run of Allstate Avantis. I owned R5176. They were made as a group and all equipped the same, including Allstate tires. The '64 that Ed (MFG) references had an engine made one day prior to Ted's referenced engine. EDIT: A small World of Studebakers and Avantis. Ted and I both reside in Dutchess County, NY and account for two of this group of Allstate Avantis.
  4. Ted - Studebaker changed their engine numbering from the 1963 model year to the 1964 model year. 1963s have sequential, individual numbers. 1964s have date code numbers and there can be multiples of the same number. P still indicates a regular 289 and R and JT still indicate an R1 depending on if it was initially installed in an Avanti or Lark type or Hawk (RS and JTS for R2). What you are giving as body numbers appear to be Serial Numbers (body numbers are different). Serial Number R5222 was built in September 1963, well into the 1964 model year.
  5. It is my understanding that the floor pan was changed in order to accomplish this. I have owned both types, but do not have the details of the changes. It could probably be accomplished, but certainly not easily.
  6. I note that your 1987 Avanti coupe was delivered new in New Jersey in 1988. I took delivery of my new 1987 Avanti coupe in New Jersey also (different dealer).
  7. Were the heads and block trued the last time it was apart? If not do it this time. Be sure to follow the correct sequence on torquing the heads when you install new gaskets.
  8. There were 158 1989 Avantis built. What makes you think that only 17 of those were convertibles? I do believe that there were 17 1991 convertibles. Perhaps that is what you were thinking of.
  9. Service Letter J-1063-3a says for one step cold to use J-10Y (formally J-9Y), so I will choose your answer 3.
  10. I do not remember if a repair kit was available, but it was so easy to change the pump that is what I did. I will answer the question as True, since that seems to be in the back of my memory.
  11. I only have a small picture/computer screen, but it appears to me that the radiator hose can be moved further onto the radiator nipple. This will alleviate or eliminate the problem. I think that the tank should be fastened to the bracket.
  12. I purchased a 1987 new from a dealer and did not receive that manual. Mine was the fourth 1987 sold to the public(--006). Perhaps they did not have the manual yet.
  13. Without digging mine out, I will go with 4) August, because that is when the Avanti Workshop Manual was issued.
  14. RQA in '69 and early '70 were 327s. RQB in '70 were 350s. Avanti purchased small lots of engines from GM and just used them, not necessarily in order.
  15. My guess is 1) not once.
  16. We always lifted through the window openings.
  17. It is not only a "model year box". It is clearly labeled as the box for year of manufacture and model year. Dwight sites a good example.
  18. That is year of manufacture and model year (manufactured in 1962 for the 1963 model year). For an early 1963 model Avanti this seems correct to me.
  19. Yes, we agree. Pressure at one end or vacuum at the other end gives the same result.
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