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    I did more than peek under the hood of that Avanti back when Joe owned it, but I do not remember the numbers.
  2. studegary

    R3 Option!

    If you want stock in it, you should get the name correct. It is Depend (even though most people say Depends).😀 Of course, Depend is probably owned by some larger corporation, like P&G (I didn't bother to look it up. - I don't plan on buying the stock.).
  3. studegary

    R3 Option!

    Sales Letter 103 does NOT say that it is available at that time (9/27/62). It does state that it is a 299 ci engine built in California and; " In view of the current backlog of unfilled Avanti orders, no firm delivery date can be promised at this time. Pricing information will be furnished later."
  4. Windshield washer was a $13.55 option, not standard equipment on any 1963 Studebaker.
  5. Ziebart did rustproofing. Undercoat is primarily applied to deaden sound not prevent rust.
  6. studegary

    R3 Option!

    Sales Letter 161 (as I posted above), is dated 6/10/63, shows the R3 as being available 8/1/63.
  7. studegary

    R3 Option!

    Sales Letter 161 states that the R3 "...will be available on or about August 1, 1963." This is near the end of 1963 model production, so the answer is False (or True depending on your interpretation of the wording of your statement).
  8. I am thinking that it was destined to be a show car, so I will say 2) R1. For the same reason, it may have been an R2.
  9. I thught that I had inputted 2) Ward.
  10. 2) tinted side windows
  11. Paul already said 30, so I will say 27.
  12. J-10Y (formally J-9Y)
  13. 2) '56 Caribbean
  14. That applies after May 1963. The question was about original starters. Without looking it up, I will say true (MDU)
  15. I would need to know the intended use of your Avanti (anywhere from strictly show car to daily driver) before making a recommendation.
  16. I do not want to take tme to look it up because I do not believe that it makes any difference, however, my memory comes up with second floor.
  17. I do believe that I support the club with some of my inputs on the Forum (other than the trivia part). I have belonged to AOAI when I did not own an Avanti. I have a lot of current, unread magazines as it is now.
  18. I am not currently a member of AOAI. "Thank you" for pointing this out. I have been an AOAI member for many years, including when I owned Avantis. When I buy another Avanti I will join again. Are you currently a member of SDC?
  19. I am not sure about a 1981. On my 1987, it was under the dash to the left of the steering column. A leaking windshield took out a couple of relays until I sealed one up to be watertight.
  20. I would think three (NY, Chicago & LA).
  21. I do not see "radio delete" on the Production Order. The radio would have been standard unless it was specifically deleted. Perhaps the dealer removed it after build/purchase. In that case it would not be a factory radio delete Avanti.
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