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  1. Thank you for posting these. I do not know why they can't spell Gran Turismo correctly when it is right on the door and featured in one of their pictures. The engine appears to be the standard 289 (not some "326"). EDIT: I just realized that the "PH326" is the Engine Number" (a basic 289). EDIT II: That would be a 1964 model engine number, not 1963.
  2. It also adjusts for volume changes in the tank due to temperature change of the fuel and volume change when filling the tank.
  3. Welcome to the forum. It looks like a nice and interesting Avanti. It has what I consider to be the better seats, A/C, AT, PW. I am sorry, but I can not help you with history of the car.
  4. Why wouldn't the vapor be able to come out of the filler neck?
  5. You have to allow for expansion with an increase in temperature. The car does not have a closed system, like a modern car. Unless you do a complete conversion on your car, you should live with the small amount of vapors from the system. The vent should work in both directions.
  6. There is not a different cover. Perhaps you could try a new plug or grind a bit off the end of the existing plug. The TT is close. One way to check for TT is to put your finger in the plug hole. If your finger hits something right away, you have TT.
  7. I note that the Sumitomo pictured is labeled 2 1/8 (2.125), not 2 1/4 (2.25).
  8. I purchased a 1987 new. There were quality issues, but I do not remember anything that was anywhere near as bad as what you show. Has your car been hit or worked on in the past 34 years?
  9. The springs are listed in SI's catalog. However, I do not believe that you will gain anything in replacing them. As has been stated, your problem lies in the adjustment of the release/trunk lid/trunk seal.
  10. This is posted in the 2001 - 2007 section. Those bodies are totally different than the 1987 - 1989 bodies that you are discussing. Perhaps the moderator can move your post or you could delete it and post it in the proper section.
  11. I do not recommend steel tube type headers, unless you add good insulation to them, because of the added heat in the engine compartment, which an Avanti does not need.
  12. Are you sure that your fuel cap is vented (and working)?
  13. I agree with Bez and add the following; The idea of a vent tube is to let the fumes escape and to let air in as you use fuel. It doesn't matter what bends you put in it. It should exit outside of the car.
  14. Keep in mind that the body on an '89 convertible is different from the body on a '91 convertible.
  15. Instead of replacing the fuse (again), measure the resistance across it. If blown, it will show as an open. I am thinking that you probably have a stop light switch problem.
  16. For starters, do you have a matched set of tires and the proper amount of air pressure in them?
  17. I would not start with anything more viscous than 10W30.
  18. I do not know him, but it appears to me that he is looking for a restored car price for a driver quality car.
  19. You might check with SDC's template collection at the SNM to see if there is a factory template for the proper location. It seems like I remember reading about the proper location, but I do not remember where.
  20. You can start to attend SDC and AOAI meets/activities now. You may get some ideas, parts, encouragement. The SDC Northeast Zone Meet is in Rutland Vermont in August.
  21. You are obviously not referring to the 1963 listed with your name. What model year are you asking about?
  22. Refer to my responses in your other post.
  23. For example, I see a 1964 Avanti (called 1963) currently on eBay that has a good frame, torque boxes, and body with the exception of one spot. The engine is out and needs to be rebuilt, but it is the original R2 from the car.
  24. It sounds like a major undertaking. I wish you luck on getting it finished. I calculate you to now be about 74. I would have suggested that you buy a better Avanti to start with. I know that you plan changes to it, but if the body and frame, including torque boxes, were good, you would be far ahead. Where was the location of your father's dealership?
  25. I believe that RQA 0315 was the first 1970 model. So this would mean that all 1970 models came with the 350. I thought the the early 1970 models came with a 327.
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