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  1. 5 minutes ago, mfg said:

    Which Studebaker Avanti designer felt, in hindsight, that the front view of the car would have looked better if the nose panel was in line with the front fender edges, as opposed to the final design, where the nose panel is inset five or so inches from the leading fender edges?

    1) Tom Kellogg.....2) Bob Andrews.....3) Bob Ebstein....or....4) Raymond Loewy

    I will say Tom, because he is the one that took a later look at theAvanti design.

  2. 2 hours ago, mfg said:

    Quad headlights were dropped from original Studebaker Avanti design because of .....?.....

    1) Poor looks......2) Complication......3) Cost.....or......4) Too much "Glitz"



  3. 8 hours ago, 64studeavanti said:

    Looks like I need to get a set of valve covers rechromed. Last Job only lasted 10 years or so. I seem to recall that the factory flash chromed instead of triple plating. Is this correct? 

    I do have a NOS R1 air filter and it looks like it was flashed. 

    I believe that the air filter was flash coated and the rocker arm covers were chrome plated.

  4. 9 hours ago, mfg said:

    Interestingly, none of the nine 'production line' Studebaker Avanti R3's was equipped with the optional 'tilt' steering wheel.....True?

    I am going to say False.  Without looking it up, ISTR that one was.  

  5. 10 minutes ago, pantera928 said:

    Do you know the VIN number of that car?

    Sorry, no I do not know the S/N.  I just remember some odd details like the sun visors and that he had the dealer install new door rubber every year.  The Avanti was delivered new at Sallico & DiNapoli, Beacon, NY (maybe DiNapoli & Sallico - Ben & Joe to me).  The doctor had multiple cars.  I bought his 1963 Dodge Custom 880 hardtop.   The Avanti and a Jeepster were the only cars that he kept for a long time.

  6. 2 hours ago, mfg said:

    Well, it actually could if you want to go to the trouble of 'unshimming' the body...and set it on the frame the same way a Studebaker Avanti body is set onto its frame.

    It's been said the Chevy engine sits higher than the Studebaker engine, however, many have also said that isn't the case, and Nate Altman simply wanted to 'level' out the Avanti ll body.

    It's been said that Mr. Altman really didn't like the Studebaker Avanti's nose down 'rake'!

    To each his own I guess!:)

    My understanding is that the market that they were aiming for preferred the body to be level, so they made it that way.  Besides unshimming, you need to reopen the wheel wells.

  7. 15 minutes ago, mfg said:

    Elementary my dear Watson....None were ordered.:)

    That answer does not cover it.  At that time many/most Studebakers, including Avantis were built for stock, not ordered.

  8. 27 minutes ago, mfg said:

    The 14" high -output Avanti fan was definitely an option, also, (and check me on this) I do not believe any of the nine 'production' R3 Avantis were built with 14" engine fans?

    Gary, you mentioned that you carefully studied the engine compartment of Avanti R5643...You should remember something like this!:o

    Not from decades ago and thousands of other cars since.

  9. 2 minutes ago, mfg said:

    As an aside...no doubt Studebaker engineers realized a 14" engine fan would only complicate engine cooling issues in hot weather, bumper-to-bumper traffic conditions!;)

    The final part of SL 161 covers this.  "This engine...is not regarded as ideally suited for city driving under heavy traffic conditions.  We offer no warranty on this engine because of the highly specialized conditions of its use."

  10. 41 minutes ago, Dwight FitzSimons said:

    My reasoning for saying false is based on the wording of your question: "optional R3 engine package."  I believe that the 14" fan wasn't a part of the normal R3 package, but was an option.


    Not true according to Sales Letter 161.  The 14" fan was one of the items included in the R3 package.  On the other hand, a 4-speed or AT were required options.  

  11. 2 hours ago, mfg said:

    Sorry,....the answer here is FALSE!:(

    Please explain how you are disagreeing with Studebaker Sales Letter No. 161.  "14" high output fan" is a direct quote from that Sales Letter of the items included with the R3 package.

  12. 1 hour ago, mfg said:

    As an aside, for the longest time I had the inside rearview mirror in my own '63 Studebaker Avanti (63R1379) installed onto the windshield four or so inches down from the upper header....and it 'worked' quite well in that position! (I also used a larger mirror head during this time)

    However, when I had a new windshield installed in my Avanti a few years ago, I went back to the tiny 'factory' mirror attached to the windshield in its 'factory' near the bottom location....just for the sake of originality......SILLY ME!!!!!!!!!!:o :D

    Studebaker Service Letter F-1964-7 is for the relocation of inside rear view mirror and improved mounting stem (mirror placed higher for better rear view).  The new mounting spot is 3.5 inches down from the weatherseal (for top of base).  

  13. 2 hours ago, mfg said:

    Any Avanti fans out there remember why 9/15/87 is a historic day in the history of the Avanti automobile?

    That probably marks the end of Avanti production in South Bend.  On 9/30/87 there was symbolic roll out of a 1987 convertiblle in Youngstown.

    EDIT:  I believe that the last Avanti produced in SouthBend was 9/18/87, but that is close enough.

  14. On 12/22/2021 at 5:21 PM, mfg said:


    Good thoughts, however, Avantis were not assembled on the second floor of building 48A:(

    (Actually, the second floor was used for Studebaker truck production)

    I thought that I remember seeing pictures of Avantis being assembled near trucks.  

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