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  1. Your profile does not list your location, I would suggest a vendor near you.  you may also want to join an Avanti Chapter nearest you. Dave Thibeault  in Maynard Ma., Olympus Avanti in Tennessee,  Studebaker International  in Indiana, Dan Booth in Wixom  Michigan, are some of the vendors.   I would also suggest that you get familiar with Bob Johnstone's Studebaker/Avanti  web site.   Welcome aboard Club Avanti!!   Lou Cote

  2. Avanti's never came from the factory with an oil filter in that location.  In mid 1962 the full flow block was phased in, with oil filter down low on passenger side of engine.  I have worked on Avanti  R 1001, with origional engine, the first one that was sold to the public.     Lou Cote  Avanti Authenticity Chairperson.

  3. I have an 85 Touring Coupe, it has only the block mounted fuel pump.   You need to replace your old with one that is compatable with alcohol laced gas. with the high mounted fuel tank, any diaphram failure can fill the crankcase with gas. In 2009 I replaced my old pump with Airtex 41378.   Lou Cote

  4. I place jack plus heavy wood block under center steer, jack up and place jackstands under lower a frames near shock mounting point. For the rear, depend if you want rearend up or allowed to full droup.  Under spring pads or axle  or at frame where x crossmember meets frame. If you put the front stands at the x point you are not supporting the weight of the engine.   Lou Cote

  5. MFG this rearend was picked up from the origional owner, as he swappped it out for a twin trac unit. Back in the 80's I worked at a K Mart auto center, I know the difference between ford an gm brakes did a lot of both.  As typical with ford rear wheel cylinders, too rusty and pitted to rebuild. My cost at NAPA less than ten each.    Lou

  6. Does any one have a part number for a rear brake hardwear kit for a 1978 or newer Dana 44 as found in an Avanti?  This has the ford 10 inch type of brakes. I tried ordering a set for a Fairmont wagon, from NAPA but they were wrong.  Brad, any answers???    Lou Cote

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