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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. Work is killin me. Unfortunately dapy is partially correct. His pricing is unrealistic and when i gave him dapy's question sheet this is what i received as a response.

    I bought my Avanti from a man who had worked for Studebaker and was interested in its cars. To give you an idea about him: He once bought a late nineteen-thirty touring Studebaker in northern New England at a flee market. It was known as a Sunburst because it had a sun inside of the front doors on leather patterned like the sun rising from the lower front of a door and the rays spreading all the way up the door. Well, he wanted to restore it and bought the appropriate kind of letter and a sewing machine and redid the doors and the whole car. He was a client of mine and a I handled his investments. So I knew him quite well. When he bought the Avanti it had to be nothing but perfect. It became his Avanti. Seat belts were added to cars, and with the high speed of the car (160 mph) he thought it should have been added by Studebaker, but it did not. So he got or probably had seat belts made for the front seats with an A for Avanti on the buckles and installed them anchored behind the front seats in the sturdy floor board, which was I believe the same as half-ton Studebaker trucks.
    He did not like the color of the car which was pea green, and had it professionally changed to gold.
    He replaced the hubcaps which had been the same as other current Studebakers (I still have them). The hubcaps has a A for obvious reasons.
    He also in good taste spruced up the double exhaust pipes behind the trunck. The pictures we sent you might show this.
    He told me himself that he had replaced what I believe were moving parts. I have had no trouble sin owning it since 1986.
    We are checking hear with the local antique car club ti which I have belonged myself.
  2. No disrespect taken Paul. All of these little items are why i came to this forum. I want to be as accurate as possible before listing it for an absurd price. Dave has sent me a question sheet to fill out that i forwarded to my father inlaw. Hopefully this will fill in all the gaps in my information.

  3. Well the price is what we are trying to figure out here. The last time it was driven was probably about a month ago. It was never a daily driver but would get driven at least once a month. He is the second owner and the car has always been stored in his heated garage.

  4. Thanks for the reply's folks. as soon as i get some pics i will post them. It just takes a little bit being 2000 miles from the inlaws. I to have bought from ebay but we would prefer the car went to a serious collector if possible.

    He is the second owner and loved to drive this car but age is becoming a factor and has to let it go. I personally thought he should donate it to a locale museum but that was just my opinion.

  5. Thanks for the reply Dave, I will email you as soon as i can get more info. The car is in north carolina and will be for sale. I just want to make sure that the price is fair. As soon as i get pics i will contact you.


  6. Sorry for this but i have to do the old whats it worth. The reason being is that it is not mine it is my step father inlaws.

    Here is what i know.

    1963 avanti, vin number 63R2511 23000 original miles, supercharged, automatic, original radio.

    I'll try to get pictures and find out if it has power windows or not.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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