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  1. Ed.....I watched the video by dick and you are right, it's a R2  Speedo goes to 160 MPH & it's got the insignia on the fender.

    But I thought he told me it was a R1


    1. mfg


      A VERY desirable Avanti!.....And 'Avanti Turquoise' always has been my favorite 'factory' color!....Ed:)

  2. Hi mfg......did you ever find out what happened to Dick Vaux's Avanti?

    Steve Remick

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    2. steve remick

      steve remick

      I forgot. Dick’s is a R1 opposed to a R2 which is a big difference in price 

    3. mfg


      Steve,..I met and spoke with Dick a few times (lastly, at the Stude National Meet at Warwick R.I.), but I do not know his family.

      Not sure of R4892's location........ I would add that everything about that car considered, Dick's R4892 would have a realistic value  close to the 'Egbert' Avanti (R4130), or even the factory R3 jobs! (Just my opinion!).....Ed

      PS...Yes!...Hope to see you at a Stude/Avanti meet sometime soon!

    4. mfg


      Steve,...I'm pretty sure Dick's R4892 is indeed R2 powered! (auto trans)....Ed

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