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  1. 1 hour ago, fud said:

    Thanks for the information.  I was hoping beyond hope that there was a way to just weld the "A" arms to the existing frame.  My goal is to give my 1982 some rake without changing the rear tires or front springs or find drop spindles witch is probable impossible.  Howard


    Howard, try calling Fat Man, they are very knowledgeable, helpful and easy to work with.  They  may have some ideas to do what you want.        Jim

  2. I purchased a Mustang II front suspension stub from Fat Man (https://www.fatmanfab.com/mustang-ii-mii-stub-suspensions).  They have them built specifically to fit the Lark/Avanti frame.  Others make similar but not sure if they are specific for Lark/Avanti.  Also, not sure you can do this with the body on the frame as a lot of cutting and welding is required.  See Photos, wish I could make them smaller but not s

    I built a jig to ensure alignment and placement of the engine mounts before any cutting.  After the new stub was welded in place, had the whole frame powder coated and then installed the suspension and steering rack.  I also had to use new connectors on the steering column as old ones did not align with the new steering box.   You can get parts for this from Flaming River (https://www.flamingriver.com)
    Also important to note that this change will significantly lower the front end of the  car, providing a significant rake.  If you don't like that you might ask Fat Man how to prevent.  The custom cowl induction hood did provide  adiitonal  and necessary clearance for the R3 airbox and hopefully will provide for more air flow through the engine bay.


    IMG_0411 copy.jpeg

    IMG_0413 copy.jpeg

    Picture 014 copy.jpeg

    IMG_0559 copy.jpeg


    Almost done with my 63 R3 RestoMod project so I decided to share a few photos.  This car may not be appreciated by the authenticity minded but it is my vision of an Avanti HotRod.  I started with a 63 R2 with a four speed and made numerous upgrades and alterations.  Below is a short list of some  of the major changes.

    • Mustang II front suspension with tubular control arms, coilovers and power rack and pinion
    • GM Disk brakes on all four wheels with dual master cylinder
    • Studebaker R3 engine built to spec, dino- 400hp
    • Tremec TKX 5-speed transmission
    • Complete leather interior, emulating original design
    • Speed Hut digital gauges simulating original analog gauges




    R3658 Frame - R3.jpg

    R3 .jpg

    R3  int....jpg

    R3 ENG.jpg

  4. I have one that I can sell you.  I would need to dig it out from storage to take a few pictures if you're interested.  I am in Arizona, so not sure what the shipping and handling would be but if you used freight it might be manageable.    Contact me a r3forward@gmail.com


  5. Ron 

    If your power and ground are okay I would look at the swithch.  I have been restoring a 63 and found the internal contact in the switches of all three of these interior lights were corroded.  It is not difficult to disassemble them and sand down the copper contacts reassemble and you are good to go.



  6. To anybody interested, I did finally get my airbag fixed/replaced.    Been a while sense I have been on this thread, but I finally took some time and removed the passenger airbag myself.  Somebody along the way had glued the plastic dash panels in so the airbag would not slide out as designed.  I gingerly pried the pieces apart and after an hours work managed to get the glue all separated and the airbag slide right out with minimum damage.  Replacing it seemed to go normal so not sure why anybody would have glued those panels in.  I suspect that if I had ever needed that airbag it would not have functioned properly prior to the replacement.  At any rate, I am now upgraded and safe.  

    Take Care.....

  7. 23 hours ago, R2W55 said:

    I am also looking for a working, locking glove box latch.  Seems no has a good one for sale

    I have found out they are also used on 60 Larks.

    I have found a similar but not exact item on a mid/late 60 Mustang. https://www.cjponyparts.com/scott-drake-glove-box-latch-1967-1968/p/HW1663/

    If you try the mustang one let me know how it works


    Thanks for the info re. the mustang.  I looked at them and they are close but the one we need does not have that ridge on the top so don't think I want to temp fate and buy one to try.  I'm not that desperate (yet)...   BTW, I found a lot of mustang latches for sale on eBay as well.



  8. I need a pair of the aluminum end plates for the dash as well as the center console plate where the heater and air vent adjustments are.  Also looking for a functioning lock mechanism for the glove box.  If anybody has these part and is willing to sell them please contact me at r3forward@gmail.com or call Jim at 480-544-5025.



  9. I have purchased and installed Nastalgics new dash with no issues, it fit perfect.  I have another one I would sell for $300 plus shipping.  I do not know the source of this older dash pad as I purchased it on eBay years ago.  I had one small crack at the glove box that has been repaired and it has been died a lighter beige color than original fawn color.  I had problems making it fit on my restoration so just gave up and bought a newer one from Nostalgic.   It is still relatively soft and flexible and would be good for somebody willing to take the time to make if fit right.  Send me a note at r3forward@gmail.com if you are interested.

  10. Thank you, this is great information to know, so my Avanti is about in the middle of the 30 Ford based cars built.  My 2007 Avanti has a VIN sticker on the door, which states the frame was built by Ford in 2006, and the Ford VIN indicates it was sold as a 2007 as the 10th digit is a 7.  BTW, I found a great web site to decode your Ford VIN number (https://www.vindecoderz.com/EN/Ford)  Also, to get back to my original question.  I finally did a CarFax report on this car to see if it had been in an accident to determine why the passenger airbag is glued shut.  There was no report so all I can figure is that somebody along the way did some work on the car and messed with the airbag for some reason.  


  11. I am building a 63 and have installed an R3 engine  All I had to do to make it fit with the air box and standard body shims is use smaller/shorter front motor mounts, but I also had to shave almost 1/4 inch off of the sealing edge of the top side of the air box.  

  12. Randy,  I started this post over a year ago and am looking at it again after all this time.  My 2007 VIN number ends in 19 so I have assumed it was the second to last car made during full production runs.  I do know a number were also assembled and sold after the factory was shut down and I don't know if they had Avanti VIN numbers.


  13. I own a 2007 Avanti built on the Ford Mustang platform.  It was involved in the recent airbag recall.  I had the driver side airbag changed out two years ago, but they did not have parts for the passenger side at the time.  Took the car in today to replace the passenger side and learned that the removable panels on my dash where the airbag is stored were glued in place and could not be removed.  Has anybody had this problem?  I am wondering if they glued them on in the factory or if some previous owner glued them down.  Hard to tell. 



  14. I have Alice Coopers 2007 and it too has no badging. Sent note on other string regarding this. If you find any let me know I would like to let the world know what kind of car it is. Does your post production car have the sticker in the passenger door sill with the Body and Chassis VIN numbers? If it does what are the last 2 digits of the body number. I understand 20 cars are on record to have been built before shutting down the factory and assume your car and the other three mentioned would make that total 24 for 2007.


  15. Oh, i get it.... that is easy. There are four large rectangular washers that are used to support the column with those large holes. The washers are just under 7/8" by 1" and 7/8 and about 3/16 thick. You could easily cut these from some 12 gauge steel, drill an 11/32 hole in the center and be good to go.

  16. Hey Milt. There is a long bracket that runs the length of the dash right behind the dashes lower lip. There are 4 bolts on this braket you bolt the column to. I have a '63 I am planning on parting out and may be able to pull one from that car. I have some photo's of one out of the car and one installed. Send me a note via email at jimecamp@gmail.com and I will send you photo's


  17. Thank you for the information. I am working with American Collectors as well and they have quoted me the best they can do is $30K. I will ask them to look up in their own records for a '02 Agree the value is shaky as nobody knows what they are, but they sure do turn heads when you drive them down the road. I also have a '63 Avanti insured with them as well as a 72 Volvo 1800 ES, '67 Camaro and 68 Firebird, so they should like me...

    Thanks again....

  18. I own a 2007 Mustang based Avanti and am attempting to get classic car insurance for the car. I have 4 other cars with this insurance company and told them I thought the car was worth 30 to 35K. They are asking where I came up with that number as they have no information on the car. Do any of you have your vehicles covered by classic car insurance and if so, would you mind sharing your insured value? Or if not, what do you think your car is worth.


  19. Hello all.... I purchased one very similar on eBay a few years back from somebody from Canada. I don't think I paid too much for it, certainly less than $100.00 as I know I woiuld not have paid more than this, probably more like $50 or $60. At any rate, the bottom is marked with the following informatioin: JS Woodcraft, 705-526-4040, WoodencarsGsymataco.ca. May be the same wood carver.

    I would add photo's if I can figure out how :(

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