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  1. 2 hours ago, Dunkin said:

    Anyone have a picture of the window mechanism outside of car preferably the right-side? Would like to know the shape of the long flat piece off the 1350844-window regulator. Thanks

    Do not remember which side. Hope it helps. 


  2. It is easy to train the wife. Make the repair $$ come out of her allowance rather than your car budget. 
    But do not listen to me as I am on my fourth wife and a couple $$ in repair is cheaper than a divorce. 

    if I had take my own advice I would be on the Ford GT or Maserati site rather than trying to keep my Stude running on the cheap!

  3. You are looking at 1950’s technology. The Avanti II are just a continuation of the technology.  Why? They had left over parts. I come to Avanti’s being a prior Studebaker owner and have been dealing with the same system for years. 

  4. Yes it had a blown 305 when I bought it. Replaced it with a crate 350.  I wish that I had more funds at that time and replaced the 305 with an LS.  Unfortunately I need to go through the controller (wife) to get funds. 

    Next couple of years project is to tighten up on the steering and rebuild the front end. 
    It still has plenty of get up and go!  



  5. 7 hours ago, JavierB said:

    Also, if I were to want to remove/replace it, where the heck IS it or what does it look like?  anyone with a photo or drawing of the thing and/or its whereabouts?  My longer term plan is to probably install a remote for the locks, since they are already power locks, and that install will probably include its own alarm anyway.


    Mine was under dash around fuse panel. Lots of wires.  Box about 3”x4” 1/2” thick. 

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