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  1. Great tip. I took the ugly rubber blocks off my '79. That left a hole in the rear bumper face. I used a carriage bolt to fill the hole.

    These lighted bolts will give me, in effect, another pair of taillights when I connect them to that circuit.

    Almost a third brake light set-up but lower.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. The picture problem is systemic. I have reduced my pictures to the smallest size possible and the system here still tells

    me they are too large to download.

    Others manage but I have no clue how.

    Good luck with the insurance issue.

  3. In 2013 while looking for an Avanti to buy, I almost bought RQB-1615 a '71 model.

    Even got the build sheet from Dan at Nostalgic.

    Forgot about it and re-found it yesterday.

    If that car and owner are on the forum I have the build sheet if they are interested in it.

  4. Too much? Got it.

    I'm as proud of this car as any I have owned with only a very few exceptions.

    I get carried away.

    One of my car friends accused me of being "A Trophy Whore".

    Just for the record, I'm easy, but not cheap.

  5. Well said Gunslinger.

    I take #2897 out to show it off and garner the attention the car brings, and to talk cars with many different types of people.

    I really enjoy driving to and from the shows and cruises just to have someplace to go show it off.

    It's about the journey, not the destination.

    Should mine take an award Is icing on the cake but not the main reason for participating.

    I let those in charge make whatever decision they want for whatever their reasoning might be.

    So far mine has won 4 out of 4 Firsts in Class awards.

    Who am I to argue with them?

  6. At least around here, steel wheels are hard to come by. As with everything else, it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay.

    I could use the wheel but shipping to Texas is cost prohibitive.

    I sold a set of Lexus 16" alloys recently and shipping by bus to Houston was $100 each.

    Good luck.

  7. Let them wonder! Your car was selected by the judges. "Nuff said.

    Isn't it about time our chosen make gets the recognition they deserve?

    And by definition is your '75 not an "American Muscle Car"?

    Congrats again!

  8. Got the car out today and filled it up.

    Disappointed to get only 13.75 mpg. 247 miles and 18 gallons.

    A lot less than expected.

    That's about 275 miles per tank.

    Still exciting to drive anyway.

  9. Seems that I just cant not continue to improve #2897, or make it personal at least.

    Today I fabricated a pair of Lexan headlight covers, mounting tabs and all.

    So well integrated they practically disappear.

    Easily removable when needed.

    Heard from my upholstery guy too.

    Seems that to recover the front seats, rebuild the seat foam, upper door panels, front armrests, center console,

    and rear seat in matching top grade leather will run $6,300 to $6,500 depending on.

    Although the existing leather is in sad condition, I'm concerned with loosing the "originality"

    and headed down that road to restoration.

    Where to stop.

  10. Well gentlemen, another show today, another 1st in class.

    That's 4 for 4!

    Avanti's be representing.

    This time I was in "Special Interest" class.

    Lots of questions, lots of corrections, and lots of comments, as usual.

    At the awards ceremony I heard..." First in class in 'Special Interest', that beautiful chocolate brown 1979 Avanti."

    Just what I wanted to hear.

  11. Maybe some sort of compartmentalization or separation to let heat rise from under the hood, up through a sealed section and then

    through the vents on the cowl. Placed towards the outer sides of the cowl the airflo should disperse the heat away before re-entry

    through the cowl rear opening.

    Interesting situation.

    Nice work so far. Looking good.

  12. I did not know that. Never mind.

    Guy 1 tells his friend he got a new hearing aid and can hear perfectly again.

    Guy 2 says..." Great. What kind is it?"

    Guy 1 says..." its exactly 10:15 am."

    I rest my case.

  13. Interesting. No such problems as yet in my '79. Temp gauge never gets above 180*, and the interior is comfortable so far.

    The fresh air floor vents and the quarter windows do a great job of venting out the heat.

    I am thinking that with so many owners, in efforts to increase performance, changing engines, transmissions, etc,,

    the increased heat generated by these changes far outweighs the inherent design parameters of the original engine/trans combinations.

    The increase has no where to go but into the interior as the engine compartment simply can't vent the heat increased adequately.

    Modern engines and increased performances generate a great deal more heat than "back in the day".

    This problem isn't specific to Avanti's, but plagues most other cars with increased performance upgrades.

    Some much more than others.

    Packaging space fills up quickly when constricted by design parameters.

    Lets face it, these cars were designed in the early '60's with smaller engines with much less horsepower. The designers never could

    imagine these cars being viable well into 40+ year range, especially with the plethora of options now available.

    Perhaps, offered simply as a simple solution, a shallow "air scoop" of sorts could be fabricated and mounted under the car to the floor-pan

    to get additional air movement across the transmission to help cooling. But then that heat needs to be controlled.

    Dynamat on the entire floor pan under the carpet seems to help according to those who have done so.

    On my '79, I have fabricated a full width front air dam, wheel opening to wheel opening, with the center section under the radiator

    directing additional air through the radiator.

    I blocked of the area behind the grill so as much air as possible is directed across the radiator. The side pieces of my air dam/splitter

    divert air around to the wheel openings creating, hopefully, a somewhat lower pressure area under the front of the car that so far has helped extract

    heat out from under the heat generating source. Seems to be working so far.

    Even with the original shag carpet glued directly to the floor pan, no padding, backing, or heat barrier, the heat through the floors

    and trans tunnel is not an issue.

    My '79 has no such air vent holes under the hood. I have thought of fabricating a louvered exhaust panel but have yet to do so.


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